During the first week students will receive a class syllabus with the course information. Parents are asked to review it with their student. The last page will contain a slip where you may write notes pertaining to your student. For example, if they have medical conditions I should be aware of, if you have a preferred way of communication (include an e-mail address and/or phone number), etc. Parents are asked to sign the slip and give it to your student to hand it in, or for virtual students e-mail it to me. Thank you.



    Supply list:

    Please make sure your student has enough materials to last through the year. None of these items will be kept in the classroom. Your student is expected to come in every day with enough materials (a binder with paper, and a working pen and pencil). Students have a tendency to lose pens, pencils and run out of paper, so please monitor their backpack throughout the year and replenish the missing items. This will greatly help your student in the classroom. Thank you in advance for making sure your students is ready from the start of each lesson.

    • School will provide you with a 2" binder and dividers.  You must bring those with you to school each day.  Your planner, which will also be given to you,  must be in your binder.
    • One spiral notebook (70 pages is fine - college or wide ruled).  This needs to be in your binder behind the ELA divider.
    • Notebook Paper
    • Pencils
    • Highlighters - at least two different colors
    • Some projects may require the use of markers, colored pencils, poster boards, construction paper, scissors, glue, etc.  Many of the projects will be done as homework.  You will need those supplies, but you don’t need to bring them to school.
    • Mask or Face Shield
    • Personal Hand Sanitizer


    Optional items that would be greatly appreciated!

    ●Hand Sanitizer                   ●Band-Aids                               ●Disinfectant Spray

    ●Pencils                                 ●Tissues                                   ●Ziplock Bags       

    Please feel free to contact me whenever you have concerns.  My email address is here: Anna.Posth@marion.k12.fl.us.  The planner is another easy way to get in touch with me.  I am sure, by working together, this will be a positive learning experience for all!

                                                                                                               school supplies