On Friday 8/11 students will receive a class syllabus with the course information. Parents are asked to review it with their student. The last page will contain a slip where you may write notes pertaining to your student. For example, if they have medical conditions I should be aware of, if you have a preferred way of communication (include an e-mail address and/or phone number), etc. Sign the slip and give it to your student to hand it in. Thank you.


    7th grade Class Syllabus



    Students have online access to their LA textbook through their student portal. Once your student logs in he/she needs to click on "e-textbooks," then on their schedule and pick the LA textbook.


    Supply list

    Please make sure your student has enough materials to last through the year. None of these items will be kept in the classroom. Your student is expected to come in every day with enough materials (a binder with paper, and a working pen and pencil). Students have a tendency to lose pens, pencils and run out of paper, so please monitor their backpack throughout the year and replenish the missing items. This will greatly help your student in the classroom. Thank you in advance for making sure your students is ready from the start of each lesson.


        1. 2” three-ringed binder, with pockets is best (one for all core classes combined-it will be shared so please don't purchase 5 binders if his/her other teachers also request one)
        2. 5-tab divider set—one tab for each subject
        3. Loose Leaf Paper, ruled
        4. Pens (black/blue only)
        5. #2 Pencils
        6. Highlighters—any color
        7. Colored Pencils—set of 12 (This item is optional if the student prefers a personal set.)

                              *Optional Donation: A box of tissues (Thank you!)

                                                                                                               school supplies