Minerals/ Rocks and the Rock Cycle

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    Science Project 


      Ms. Pecor’s Landform Project

    1.  Students will choose their favorite landform. They may pick from the following list:

            Mountain, hoodoos, river, glacier, sinkhole, alluvial fan, peninsula, canyon, or volcano.

    2.  Students will research their landform.

    3.  Students will create a 2D (flat poster), or 3D model of the landform that they have chosen. Any type of materials can be used to create the model.

     4.  The students will also write a 2-4 paragraph paper describing the landform, how it formed, and why it was chosen by the student. The student should mention any famous examples of the  landform. For example: If a student chooses mountains, then Mt. Everest should be mentioned in the paper, and that it is the tallest mountain, as well as other information about it. (The paper may be typed but can be hand written.)

     5. Due Date: Nov. 29th  Periods 1-3-5

                         Nov. 30th   Periods 2-4-2-6



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