•  Designing an Experiment/ Project (all work will be done in class)                     

    Directions: Students will work together as a team to design an experimental experiment. Students will choose a problem or question to test. Students will plan the experiment and then perform it on February28 th and March 1st (block day).Students will present their experiment to the class.  Groups will tell the class about their experiment only. (They will not perform the experiment in front of the class)  Each person should say some part of the experiment.


    Parent Letter

     Dear Parents and Guardians and Students,

     Our students are about to participate in designing an experiment as a group in the class. They will perform the experiment in our classroom on February 28th  and March 1st on our block day. This will be a class project grade for the students. They will need your help getting the supplies they need to do the experiments. We will write down the materials that are needed in the planner books as soon as possible. If she/he does not have a planner book, the information will be written in my science folder we use in class.  (I can help out with supplies, if I know in advance)

    Supplies for the experiments must be in by February 22nd (Friday).

    Students will present their experiments to the class. It will not be performed twice, just presented. Presentations will be on March 7 and 8th.

    Thank you for your help and support!!!


    Ms. Pecor


    The following is what we are doing in class:



    Names of members of your group: ______________________________________________

    Period ____

    You will need to decide as a group on the following elements.

    1. Title: _______________________________________________________
    2. Question or Problem: ___________________________________________
    3. Materials Needed: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    4. Procedures:
    5. Independent Variable (test)______________________________________
    6. Dependent Variable (measured at the end)__________________________
    7. Constants _____________________________________________
    8. Hypothesis____________________________________________
    9. How will you record your results?      _____________________________________________________
    10. (Make a data chart before you start the experiment. Use your own notebook paper to create this.)
    11. Analysis of the data. Analysis of the results. What does your data tell you?      (Make a graph before you start. Use your own notebook paper to create this.)
    12.  Write a conclusion after everything has been completed.
    13. It should be a summary of what you did in your experiment. It should also include your results and if your hypothesis was correct or not.

    ***Special Note #1- One lab paper written on notebook paper and will be turned in for each person. All items 1-9 above should be included in it along with the names of everyone in the group. (Circle your name)***

    ***Special Note #2-If a member of the group is not working on this project, let Ms. Pecor know before or after class. If verified by other group members, the student that does not contribute to the project will have a severe penalty deduction. ****

    **Class Presentation**-The group will tell the class what they did from beginning to end. Basically, students will tell what they wrote on the planning sheet 1-9. Students should also state the results, and if there were any discoveries or problems that came up.

    Project Rubric/ How will all this be graded?   4 Grades

    1. Planning Sheet filled out, parts 1-8 (results [9 and 10] can only be put in after the lab has been done.) (Pages 1 and 2 of this hand out-- 100 ---points
    2. Lab Performance-Performing the Lab/ Lab Write-up-100 points
    3. Class Presentation-100 points


    1. Each person must say some part of the lab.
    2. Parts 1-10 of the planning sheets should be presented
    3. Students should not just read off the sheets. Tell us the information.
    1. Audience Critique Sheets- Students will evaluate the presentations given in class. 100 points each day.
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