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    Good Day!

    Hello Everyone!

    1. *** Please don't email me any assignments today (April 1st)***

        I am setting up email groupings by period.

        I will be done with that by tomorrow, April 2nd after 9:00

        Thanks!!! You can always email me with any concerns.


    2. Please, go to the new page for assignments.

       " 4th Quarter 6th Grade Science"


    3. Also, we will be using our (e)textbooks soon.

         Please give it a try now. (using your school account)

         Email me if you cannot get to it,

         or open it. Thank you.

         I have also added a new page

         to assist students with the online textbook.

         "eTextbook Information"


    4. I have also added a new "Ms.Pecor's Notes" page.

       These notes are about the science content we are

       working on.


    5. What students need to succeed

       A. Notebook Paper/ Binder or Printing paper

          -Binders will now be our interactive notebooks

          -Please store classwork in the science section

       B. Pencils/pens

          (Assignments may be typed on the computer)

       C. Computer/electronic device

        D. Patience

        E.  Printers would be great but can be worked around

        F. Camera on a smart phone (optional)

        G. Completed work should be emailed to

             me or photographed and then emailed

                to me at













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