• Escalate English Reading Syllabus


    Course Objectives and Description   


                Escalate English is the course that we will be using this year.  This high-interest course is a direct supplement to the curriculum used in the Language Arts classes and will intellectually challenge you and prepare you for success in school, in a career, and in life.


             Escalate English is designed to accelerate proficiency and mastery of academic English.  The content is presented topically through listening, viewing, and reading selections.  You will be completing activities that require speaking and writing in response to content.  By participating in the activities and assignments you will have the practice needed to use English purposefully.  You will be able to share information, to state and justify opinions, and to argue thoughtfully and respectfully both orally and in writing. Escalate English will give you the tools needed to help you in all your academic classes.  In short, you will be better readers!

     Class Supplies: (to be replenished throughout the year as needed)

    • composition notebook that is uses only for this class
    • 1 folder for homework 
    • loose leaf paper                                                         
    • Pencils
    • Pens (not green, red, or hard to see gel pens)
    • 1 box of tissues to share with the class (students go through a lot of tissues!)                                                                                                         


    • Class work-50%

      Any work done in class that is given by the teacher is considered to be class work. Work that is done online as part of Escalate English is included as well as DBQ/CIS lessons. Students are responsible for completing their own work.

    • Tests/Quiz/Projects-40%

      You will be tested periodically to measure their grasp of the subject material being covered. Tests will be combination of Multiple Choice, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Comprehension, as well as Written Response. Quizzes will be included in this category. Any assigned projects such as book reports are included in this category.

    • Homework-10%

      You will be required to read 30 minutes daily and fill out a daily reading log. The reading log will be turned in on the block days (Thursday/Friday) and must have a parent signature for each day.  The homework grade will be linked to AR points. See Homework Procedures for complete information.

       Grading scale:

      A: 100-90        B: 89-80          C: 79-70          D: 69-60          F: Below 59


      Make-Up Work:

    • If you know you will be absent, you should get the assignment from the teacher before your absence.  In cases of unexpected absences, you can get missed assignments upon your return to class.  You are responsible for asking for the work and returning it in a timely fashion. 


      Conduct and Behavior


                  The ability of you, as a student, to follow class rules and procedures is vital to the smooth operation of the class. All students are expected to perform and live up to the LMS school-wide expectations of Do Your BestDo What's Right, and Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated.  To help implement these expectations in this class, I use the following Guidelines for Success.

    • Talk at Appropriate Times

      Students will not talk to others except when allowed by the teacher.  When the teacher is speaking, students are not.  Writing and passing notes is considered a form of communication and will not be allowed during class time. There will be no talking during Silent Independent Reading time.

    • Be Where You Are Supposed To Be

      Students are expected to remain in their assigned area at all times. This may be your desks or at various work stations. Raise your hand for the teacher’s permission to leave your seat/area.  You are expected to be in your seat and ready for work when the bell rings. You will be counted tardy if you are not present in the room when the bell rings.

    • Respect for Others/Materials

      Students are expected to show respect toward themselves and others at all times. This includes verbally, physically, and in your overall attitude. You will be expected to work in various collaborative groups, and interact positively with all classmates.  “Horseplay” between friends is not allowed. All materials are expected to be treated properly.


      General Class Rules:

    • No gum chewing!
    • No eating or drinking (with the exception of water)
    • No personal grooming during class!  This includes using lotions, body sprays/perfumes, make-up, hair brushing, etc.
    • No electronics!  Student phones must be turned off and out of sight. Headphones/ear buds must be placed in pocket or backpack.



    • 1st offense -- verbal warning/Make entry into CMR
    • 2nd offense – teacher-students conference & CMR entry
    • 3rd offense – parent contact & CMR entry
    • 4th offense – referral
    • Procedures may be altered based on severity of offense


      Contact Information:

    •  Email:  patrick.mccleery@marion.k12.fl.us

    •  Phone: #352-291-7930   Ext: 50649