• 7th Grade Language Arts Curriculum


    1st Nine Weeks                                                                                        

    Collections – Unit 6 - “Guided by a Cause”            

    Writing Focus - Informative                                                     

    Novel - Ghost of Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

    2nd Nine Weeks

    Collections - Unit 4 - "Risk and Exploration"

    Writing Focus - Argumentative

    Novel - Tangerine by Edward Bloor                 

     3rd Nine Weeks                                         

    Collections - Unit 2 - "Perceptions and Reality"   

    Writing Focus - Writing Boot Camp               

    Novel -  Complete Tangerine by Edward Bloor       

    4th Nine Weeks

    Collections - Unit 1 - "Bold Actions"

    Writing Focus - Narrative

    Novel - The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton


    Homework/Test Schedule


    On Mondays your child is required to write the homework assignments and upcoming tests/quizzes in his/her planner.  I encourage you to check it as some children need reminders and wait until the last minute to complete assignments or study. 


    Most of our homework will come from the Close Reader workbook.  Stories/articles will be assigned on the block day and you will have a week to read the assignment AT LEAST TWICE, annotate in your workbook as you read, and answer all of the questions that go along with that assignment.  On the day the assignment is due, your work will be checked for a homework grade.  You will then take a quiz on the reading assignment and earn a quiz grade.  It is important that you read the assignment twice to fully comprehend what you have read.

    In addition to the Close Reader assignments, students may be required to finish classwork assignments at home from time to time.

    Each unit will have a culminating project that students will complete.  The rubric for these will be given weeks in advance.  Reminders will be given in class of due dates and should be written in students' planners.  There will also be a copy on the website.

    You will go as a class to the library every other week.  While we no longer have AR, independent reading is still required.  Checks will be made through quick writes, presentations, book reports, and book talks.  You should always have a book to read!


    Tests will be given at the completion of story collections and novel sections.  Essays will also be assigned throughout each nine weeks based on the writing focus of the term.