Computer Application in Business III


    Course Content:

    The content includes but is not limited to instruction in advanced spreadsheet, intermediate digital design, introductory database, introductory web design, and skills for business applications. 


    These competencies provide the skills necessary to ensure increased productivity and efficient utilization of equipment.

    During this course, students will have access to the internet and will be responsible for login data to various websites.  Students will also create an email account, a webpage and produce other digital design projects.


      Materials Needed:

    • Notebook Paper
    • Pencils
    • Highlighter
    • Headsets/Earbuds
    • Spiral notebook
    • 2 pocket duo tang folder



    Course Grading Scale:

    Daily classwork & Quizzes   = 50%

    Tests, Projects and Presentations = 40%

    Homework = 10%


    Grades: A = 100-90%    B = 89-80%   

    C = 79-70        D = 69-60%    F = 59% or below.


    Each Student is expected to participate in all areas of the grading scale. If a Student is absent from class, he/she will be responsible for obtaining make-up work from my webpage and/or Absent binder.  Make-up work must be submitted within one week of the student’s return to class (with the exception of the end of the grading period).


    If work is allowed to be submitted after this time-frame, late points will be deducted.