• Introduction to Art History

    Students take an inquiry-based approach to exploring, researching, and analyzing works of art across time and cultures. Through the study of art exemplars and project-based activities, students learn to identify the functions, forms, media, styles of art, cultural ideas, and themes related to a variety of time periods and geographical places, and will express their own interpretations in a variety of ways. The course lays a foundation for the art criticism process, examining and comparing how artists have solved visual problems and made meaning across time, place, and culture. Career options related to art history and criticism are also explored. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials.



    Introduction to 2D Art


    Students investigate a wide range of media and techniques, from both an historical and contemporary perspective, as they engage in the art-making processes of creating two-dimensional works, which may include drawing, painting, printmaking, and/or collage. Student artists reflect on their own artwork and that of others through critical analysis to achieve artistic goals related to craftsmanship, technique, and application of 21st-century skills. Opportunities are provided for creative decision-making in the context of the structural elements of art and the organizational principles of design. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials.


    2D Studio Art- (High School Credit Class)  Please click link to read more:





    Art Class Materials List-Ms. Harac

    Required Art Materials


    1. Sketchbook (70 page minimum). This can be purchased almost anywhere (Hobby Lobby, Walmart, CVS, Staples etc..) or a folder with at least 70 blank sheets of paper. Sketchbooks are preferred.

    2. One 18” x 24” canvas. This will not be needed until November (after Thanksgiving break)  for first semester and April (or right after spring break) for second semester.

    3. Every day upon entering class, students will be expected to have two #2 pencils with erasers for every class.  NO MECHANICAL PENCILS ALLOWED IN ART.

    4.  A Set of colored pencils (at least 12)

    5.  hand sharpener

    6. Erasers

    If you are not able to supply your art student with anything above, please contact me at Kimberly.harac@marion.k12.fl.us


    OPTIONAL Art Materials:


    Sketch pencils for personal use (They sell intro packs at Walmart and Hobby Lobby for under $5)

    1. An apron or smock for painting or a large, old T-shirt. Please write your name on the inside with a Sharpie.

    2. A set of personal, synthetic brushes. Do not buy the craft type. Look in the paint section of Hobby Lobby.**** Note:  Hobby Lobby has an app which allows you to take 40% off one regularly priced item every day! 

    3. Personal markers, pastels, paints or any other medium we are using for each project


    Donations Needed:

    1. All types of old, art or craft materials no longer needed.

    2. PAINT!  PAINT PLEASE!  Acrylic paints preferred.
    3. Smooth rocks (to paint Kindness Rocks to hide)
    4. old frames
    5. old paintings in frames. (think yard sales)
    6. Broken plates, tiles, mugs, mirrors. We’ll be doing a mosaic project this year!

    7. Magazines and old, colorful picture books

    8. Sponges

    9. SHARPIES in all colors but especially black

    10. Ivory soap

    11. Old baskets and bins

    12. Antibacterial wipes

    13. Gallon Zip lock bags

    14. Metal hand sharpeners

    15. All types of paper! (Construction, computer, poster, wrapping paper etc…)

    16. Colorful duct tape

    17. Odd, or found objects (think junk drawer stuff…buttons, soda bottle caps,etc…) These will be used to create mosaic art.

    18. Old paintbrushes still in good shape.