Ms. Kimberly Harac



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kimberly Harac

As an avid artist my entire life, I'm thrilled to be part of the Liberty team for the fourth year.  This year is the first year the school is launching the High School Credit course 2D studio art.  Only two middle schools in the county offer this and I'm tickled pink to be teaching our talented 8th graders preparing them for High School.  

Just a bit about me- 

I graduated from Western Illinois University in 1992 with a Bachelors degree in education.  My emphasis was Elementary Education and Middle School Language Arts.  I have spent years teaching 4th grade and Language Arts at the middle school level in North Carolina, Missouri and Lake County, Florida.  

I own the studio Wine & Design/Art Buzz Kids just west of The Villages.  Come stop by and see me or take a class!

I show English Mastiffs and long haired Chihuahuas.  

I have a 23 year old son, an 21 year old daughter and 18 year old daughter -all three are attending college in the state. 


Art Class Materials List-Ms. Harac:

Required Art Materials:

                A positive "Can Do Attitude"  first and foremost! 

  1. Sketchbook (70 page minimum). This can be purchased almost anywhere (Hobby Lobby, Walmart, CVS, Staples etc..) or a composition notebook. Sketchbooks are preferred since there are no lines.  Students may also use a folder with blank pages.  

  2. One 16” x 20” canvas. This will not be needed until November for first semester or April for second semester.  This is optional.  Students can choose the alternate assignment of water colors and water color paper.  Directions for the final will be given 3 weeks before the end of the semester. 

  3. Every day upon entering class, students will be expected to have two #2 pencils with erasers for every class.

  4.  12 pack or more of colored pencils.

  5. hand sharpener for pencils 

If you are not able to supply your art student with anything above, please contact me at

OPTIONAL Art Materials:


        1. Their own acrylic paint, water color or tempera paint.  

2. Sketch pencils for personal use (They sell intro packs at Walmart and Hobby Lobby for under $5

3. An apron or smock for painting or a large, old T-shirt. Please write your name on the inside with a Sharpie. 

4. A set of personal, synthetic brushes. Do not buy the craft type. Look in the paint section of Hobby Lobby.

**** Note:  Hobby Lobby has an app which allows you to take 40% off one regularly priced item every day! 

Donations Needed:

  1. All types of old, art or craft materials no longer needed.

  2. Scraps of ribbon, fabric and yarn

  3. Broken plates, tiles, mugs, mirrors. We’ll be doing a mosaic project this year!

  4. Magazines and old, colorful picture books

  5. Sponges

  6. Paint (all types!)

  7. Ivory soap

  8. Old baskets and bins

  9. Antibacterial wipes

  10. Gallon Zip lock bags

  11. Metal hand sharpeners

  12. All types of paper! (Construction, computer, poster, wrapping paper etc…)

  13. Colorful duct tape

  14. Odd, or found objects (think junk drawer stuff…buttons, soda bottle caps,etc…) These will be used to create mosaic art.

  15. Old paintbrushes still in good shape.