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  • Covid-19 2020 Pandemic:

    Students, first off, I would like to say to you that I am sorry that history chose this moment to take such an unprecedented turn.  I know it has been brutal for you and just know that I sympathize with you.  For my seniors, I am deeply sorry that so much of your senior experience has been stolen from you.  Just know that every generation faces a challenge like this, something that dares to steal away your innocence.  Older generations had Pearl Harbor, or the Great Depression, or 9/11.  You have this pandemic.  It's not over, and looks to not be over for a good while.  After this is over, it may have long lasting repercussions that nobody could predict.  But I know you will meet this challenge, as my generation and others before me met theirs.  We will get through this together.  


    As for what this virtual school "hybrid" system will be like?  I will be working from home and only going into work to pick up things if absolutely necessary.  I will be uploading weekly lessons for each of my subjects.  You will have a list of tasks to do and assignments to complete. I will be attempting to supplement this with youtube videos and curated materials to deepen your knowledge and help you complete this school year. All work will be sent to me through google classroom (or email if you can't figure out how to post it) and graded ASAP.  If you need me for anything, please send me an email and I will get back to you as quickly as I possibly can.


    Work will be posted and completed using Google Classroom.  Assignments for this first week are uploaded now, and from here on they will post on Monday for the entire week.  This gives you time to complete the work at your leisure.  



    Class codes are below:

    US History: zzdhnzk

    Government (Regular): zz3ymso

    Government (Honors): gjtvf2o


    Mr. Church 


    Dear Parents, 


    I would like to welcome you, and your child, to another year at Dunnellon High School. My goal is to help guide my students to a successful year.  I aim to give them the tools and skills they need to move on to college or into the workforce, and while this may be a monumental task I am sure we can achieve it together.  Social Studies is generally a pretty rigorous curriculum, but if we can stay vigilant on homework and projects we can have massive success.  I look forward to the challenge.  


    It is absolutely imperative that communication lines are open between teachers and parents, and I am always willing to talk or email you if you ever have any concerns.  Email is preferable, as time is so scarce during the day.  I am always available for you or your child if ever you need clarification or need to discuss anything. 


    Classwork and Homework, Tests, Projects are all on my calendar as well as the assignment tabs.  They will be updated as soon as I plan them, and will remain up for the year.   


    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 465-6745 ext: 58293 or by e-mail at 



    Mr. Church

    11th and 12th Grade Social Studies

    Dunnellon High School

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