Environmental Science



    Environmental Science Standards


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    Environmental Science/Honors                 2020-2021                                       Room 5-108

    West Port High School                                                                                      Coach Wisman


    Welcome to Environmental Science!!

    Course Objective: This course provides the fundamental concepts of science through the following topics.  Environmental Hazards & Human Health, Human Population and Urbanization ,Water Resources and Pollution Climate Change 

    This is a year longcourse introducing the student to the study of environmental science. We will explore the topics on the interactions of humans, other living organisms, and the environment.


     Course Content Skills and Standards

    A. Science Skills

    Students will:

    • Use science process skills in laboratory or field investigations, including observation, classification, communication, metric measurement, prediction, inference and, collecting and analyzing data
    • Use traditional reference materials to explore background and historical information regarding a scientific concept
    • Learn and use, on a regular basis, standard safety practices for laboratory or field investigations
    • Identify the significance of accurate, precise, and subjective/objective measurements, use of reliable tools, safety measure, and career training in environmental monitoring

    B. Course Content Standards


    1: Investigate the flow of energy and cycling of matter within an ecosystem and relate these phenomena to human society.

    2: Demonstrate an understanding that the Earth is one interconnected system.

    3: Describe stability and change in ecosystems.

    4: Understand and describe availability, allocation and conservation of energy and other resources

    5: Recognize that human beings are part of the global ecosystem and will evaluate the effects of human activities and technology on ecosystems




    Student Objective(for Success): To experience hands on learning through classwork, labs, group work and applications. This will be accomplished by following the guidelines below

    • Bring all materials to class

    • Due dates on all assignments will be given, turn in those on time

    • Notebooks or binders are required for organization and study skills development.

    • Quizzes and tests are given throughout the semester. Be prepared and makeup if you miss one or do not do well (during Power Hour).

    • Keep planners to help keep track of all your class daily assignments and important deadlines

      Grading Scale                                                                                                  

    • 90-100   A                                                                                                           

    • 80-89     B                                                                                                           

    • 70-79     C                                                                                                             

    • 60-69     D                                                                                                                 

    • 59>        F

    • 9 Weeks breakdown
    •   Classwork/Quizzes                 60% 

    •   Tests/Labs/Projects               40%



      * Semester Finals will be 20% of your final grade



      Absences- Missed work due to an absence is to be made up within one week. It is your responsibility to come in during power hour and make arrangements. Students in CDA are required to complete all work in a timely fashion



      Classroom Rule

    • Be Polite- Respect yourselves and each other’s learning opportunity

    • Be Productive- Follow directions and complete task at hand

    • Be Prepared- Come to class on time and with materials needed

    • Be Prompt- Be on time and come to class everyday


    • *If you choose to break a rule or disrupt the learning process then there are consequences for your actions. I will use the following as a guideline but referrals or other measures can be given at anytime

    • Warning

    • Teacher/student conference

    • Call or email home

    • Referral to Dean


      If you want to set up a conference please do so through the guidance office or if you have a concern please email me at (christopher.wisman@marion.k12.fl.us)



    Class Supply List Online and Face to Face

    2 100 page Composition notebooks  Cheap at walmart

    2 reams of Notebook Paper

    box of colored pencils

    pens, pencils

    Pen erasers

    Anything else your student might use to be successful