Instructor: Mrs. Redge Williams
    Office:  Room 8-009
    Phone:  (352) 291-4000
    Email: redge.williams@marion.k12.fl.us


    The purpose of this course is to remediate the students development of mathematical concepts and processes that are used to solve real-world and mathematical problems.   The course is designed to help students who need improvement in their mathematical understanding.


    This class is designed to lead students through and intensive review of foundational algebra concepts followed by a careful study of functions (polynomial, rational, exponential), graphing, and solving equations including systems. 

    We will focus on students achieving improved/passing scores on Florida Algebra 1 EOC Assessment, Concordance score on the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT), PSAT, SAT, or ACT.


     Prerequisites: Algebra 1


    Teacher made assignments/quizzes/test

    Internet resources

    Other Required Material

    • Paper/pencils/pen
    • Calculator
    • Graph Paper


    Grading Policy, Grading Scale, Weighted Value of Assignments and Exams

    Students' grade will be based on classwork, short quizzes, tests and scheduled examinations covering students' understanding of the topics covered in this course.  

    Classwork (30%)  

    PERT/PSAT/SAT/ACT Prep/Quizzes (20%)  

    Homework/Discussions (10%)  

    Test (40%)

    Semester/Final Exam (20%)

    A = 90-100      B = 89-80    C = 79-70    D = 69-60     F = 59-0


    Attendance Requirements

    Attendance is important to your success in this class. Students who are absent or skip classes generally fail. .


    Creating Conditions for Successful Learning:

    Research shows success in math depends very much on two factors: the amount of time spent working on the material, and the student's beliefs about mathematics and what it means to understand and do math. With this in mind, here are some suggestions:

    • Be in class, every class, and be on time.
    • Be prepared to participate in group work(on-line) and discussions every day.
    • Spend at least 1 hour every day, not including class time, working on incomplete or reviewing graded assignments, and studying.
    • Realize that success in mathematics is less about "ability" and more about willingness to think and to work hard to make sense of math concepts.


    Policy on Due Date

    Assignments:  Classwork (30%) assignments are given in class and the discussion about them help you prepare for up-coming assessments.  Extended practice outside of the classroom will help you prepare for quizzes and exams. Due dates will be announced by instructor.

    Quizzes: Drawn mostly from the classwork (20% of grade). Quizzes will be taken during class.

    Exams:  All tests/exams (40%) are to be taken closed book, and closed notes. The final exam is cumulative and worth 20% of your grade.


    Academic Integrity

    In this class Mrs. Williams does not tolerate cheating. Students who have questions or concerns about academic integrity should read student handbook or ask the counselors in Guidance for more information.

    Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

    West Port High adheres to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations for students with temporary and permanent disabilities. Students are allowed to work, AND visit with their support facilitator or ESOL personnel.


    Behavioral Expectations

    The most important rule for this class is RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS. Therefore, no disruptive behavior will be permitted during class time; this includes but is not limited to coming to class late, leaving early, STUDENTS MUST WEAR FACIAL MASK AT ALL TIMES IN THE CLASSROOM.  This means the covering of your nose and mouth from bell to bell.  STUDENTS MUST REMAIN 6 FT APART FOR SOCIAL DISTANCES AT ALL TIMES.  STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO SANITIZE THEIR WORK AREA DAILY FOR YOUR PROTECTION AND OTHERS.




    • Follow directions quickly.
    • Raise hand for permission to leave your seat.
    • Make smart choices.
    • Use polite speech and language.