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  • ***Announcement about grades!!!***


    GRADES ARE NOW CLOSED!  It is now past the deadline for assignments to be turned in.  All senior grades will be finalized first thing in the morning on Tuesday, May 26th.  No additional assignments will be graded at this point.  Please keep in mind that all online submissions are time-stamped.  Any senior who has failed the class for the semester will be notified and enrolled in a PLATO credit recovery course by the end of the week.  


    ***>>>Grades for all assignments are going in.  Absolutely ALL ASSIGNMENTS must be turned in no later than Monday, May25thNOTHING will be accepted after that day.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 


    Grades are due to be finalized first thing in the morning the next day.  Any student that has failed the course will be immediately enrolled in a PLATO credit recovery course <<<***


    Please check your Skyward page to view your progress in the course.  Any assignment with a zero (0%) means that it has not been completed/turned in.

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  • ***COVID-19/Online Class Announcement!!!***


    To all of my students:


    Until further notice, this is the format for my class:


    Students are to log into the Moodle Classroom for this course.  You can log into the Moodle course through your student desktop, or through this link:


    Students are to complete Units 5 - 7.  These units cover the following:

    Unit 5 - Economic Measures and Fiscal Policy

    Unit 6 - Monetary Policy and Economic Stabilization

    Unit 7 - Globalization


    These are the units that we would have had in class during the 4th quarter, so you are not missing any content. 


    The listed assignments/tests in the units ARE REQUIRED for successful completion of this course.  Grades will be updated at the end of each week on Thursdays and Fridays just as they were when we were in class. 


    All course content is due NO LATER THAN Monday, May 25th.  Do not wait until the end of the year to begin this coursework.  You will get overwhelmed.  Make sure that you regularly log into the system and complete coursework so that I can see that you are making satisfactory progress towards completion. 


    I have also posted my class Powerpoints on macoeconomics and globalization, that we would have discussed in class, on this class website.  Please go to the assignments tab to find them. 


    I will be available through email from 9:12 - 3:40 daily if you have any questions about the content.


    I wish everyone the best, and I hope to see you all at our graduation on June 19th at 9am.

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