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  • Blown To Bits: Summer Reading for AP Computer Science Principles

    Blown to Bits is a free download, licensed under Creative Commons. You have Journal Entries to complete as you read various chapters of the book. They are due, electronically, on the first day of school.


    Click this link to access both the book and the Journal Entries document.


    Download/save both the pdf version of the book and the Journal Entries Word document.

     Blown to Bits book

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  • Delicate Arch

    Hello! I am Mrs. Kathy Van Vleet. I have been teaching technology since 1995 and have seen some amazing changes in my chosen field. For instance, we have progressed from 5-1/4 inch floppy discs to Cloud Computing in 20 years, and there are many changes in mobile computing that happen every year - and even every month! This kind of progress keeps me interested in technology and motived to learn new things.


    I am a proponant of closing the gender and ethnicity gaps in the computer science industry, which is dominated by White and Asian males. To that end, I am attempting to:

    • form a  Girls Who Code club at West Port next year. Interested girls should see me in room 5-240. 
    • invite students grades 10 and higher to sign up for my AP Computer Science Principles class, a course designed specifically to foster computer science interest in girls and other underrepresented minorities in the computing industry.
    • share an article that might interest you: Connecting Girls to Computer Science. Here you can find information about helping young women gain confidence in coding, robitics, gaming, etc.

    Happy Computing!


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