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    Hello World! I am Mrs. Kathy Van Vleet. I have been teaching technology since 1995 and have seen some amazing changes in my chosen field. For instance, we have progressed from 5-1/4 inch floppy discs to Cloud Computing in 20 years, and there are many changes in mobile computing that happen every year - and even every month! This kind of progress keeps me interested in technology and motived to learn new things.

    One of my favorite jobs was working four summers with the University of South Florida as a Master Digital Educator. This involved traveling throughout the state leading workshops with the goal of teaching other teachers how to use technology in their classrooms.

    I am a proponant of closing the gender and ethnicity gaps in the computer science industry. To that end:

    • I started a chapter of Hack Club to interest students in coding and computer science.
    • I formed a chapter of the Girls Who Code club. Girls who want to learn to code, or those who want to go further with their coding, are welcome to join.
    • I invite students grades 10 and higher to sign up for my AP Computer Science Principles class, a course designed specifically to foster computer science interest in girls, Blacks, Hispanics, and other underrepresented minorities in the computing industry.
    • Here is an article that might interest you: Connecting Girls to Computer Science. Here you can find information about helping young women gain confidence in coding, robitics, gaming, etc. Also, check out this infographic about the women who have impacted computer science, and the gender gap that exists.

    I am currently seeking a few more students who would like to be part of coding teams participating in Lockheed Martin's Code Quest competition. I would like at least 4 more students to round out teams already in progress.

    Happy Computing!


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    A SpaceX Block 5 Falcon 9 rocket launches the Bangabandhu satellite in 2018.


    SpaceX rocket propels first GPS III satellite into orbit. My son and his Air Force team helped secure funding for this and nine other GPS III satellites.

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