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    Hello World! I am Mrs. Kathy Van Vleet. I have been teaching technology since 1995 and have seen some amazing changes in my chosen field. For instance, we have progressed from 5-1/4 inch floppy discs to Cloud Computing in 20 years, and there are many changes in mobile computing that happen every year - and even every month! This kind of progress keeps me interested in technology and motived to learn new things.


    I am a proponant of closing the gender and ethnicity gaps in the computer science industry. To that end:

    • I formed a Girls Who Code club. Girls who want to learn to code, or those who want to go further with their coding, are welcome to join.
    • I invite students grades 10 and higher to sign up for my AP Computer Science Principles class, a course designed specifically to foster computer science interest in girls and other underrepresented minorities in the computing industry.
    • Here is an article that might interest you: Connecting Girls to Computer Science. Here you can find information about helping young women gain confidence in coding, robitics, gaming, etc.

    Happy Computing!


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