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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Quarter 4 Assignments

    1. Let's have some fun! Tell us your story! Your goal is to produce a 1-3 minute video of you life during this pandemic. Be creative! You have plenty of time to do this. Please send this assignment to whomever has not signed up by Monday. If you cannot produce a video, then WRITE a page or create a collage. BE CREATIVE! 

    2. Frankenstein PDf https://www.planetebook.com/free-ebooks/frankenstein.pdf

    3. You will be assigned an article of the week that will be due at the end of the week. You will be required to answer the first bullet at the end of article. 

    School Cell Phone Due 4/10

    Tik Tok Due 4/17

    Scoial Distancing Due 4/24

    School CLosures Due 5/1

    Articles:School Cell Tik Tok Social Distance Closures Myths closures

    4. AICE Essays: Choose 2 essay topics. 600-700 words for each essay. both are due by 4/30/2020

    - "The classroom is the only place for eduction." Discuss

    - "Today health warning are everywhere: on ciagrettes, alcohol, and even food. How effective are such warnings?

    - "The way we choose to finish and decorate our homes reflects who we are." How true is this statement?

    - "Which singer, musician or band would you most like to see performing live? Explain why that would be a difference to your appreciation of music?

    5. Once you feel comfortable with Frankenstein, then complete this assignment....... You may take a picture and either email me, send me a remind text or upload the assignment to here.

     one pager

    6. Reading Plus - please complete 3 See Readers a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Log in www.readingplus.com student log in - site code - westporths (no caps and no spaces)

    username - lunch number

    password - lunch number

    7. https://www.ted.com/talks/paul_knoepfler_the_ethical_dilemma_of_designer_babies - watch the Ted Talk. Do you agree or disagree. Think about Frankenstein when you answer and watch the Ted Talk.



    Quarter 3 Assignments

    1. What are your goals for 2020

    2. How do tragedies affect us?

    3. What are your opinions on cloning?

    4. How does art influence literature?

    5. Frankenstein Letters / Chapter 1-4

    6. Frankenstein Quiz Chapter 7

    7. Dear Diary - what do you think the monster has been up for the past 2 years?

    Frank Article

    3 corners Frank

    Chpt 7 ppt




    Career Workshop - Final assignment Due 


    Career Workshop 

    College Application Essay: CHoose one

    COllege App Essay



    Writing the Analytical Essay


    Essay Tools