Welcome to Mrs. Torres' AICE and Journalism Classes!


     4/25/20 $105.00. We will start collecting payments after Christmas break! DUring ALPHA in 8-031 Starting 1/10/20 until 2/7/2020

    Grad Bash Information SIT will be 1/9/20 in the PAC

    Permission Slip Grad Bash Permission Slip

    BOTH SIDES NEED TO FILLED OUT. Please make sure to fill out the medical section!!!!!!







    Grad Bash 2020 will be on Saturday 4/25/20 - $105.00 - 2.0 GPA, good attendance. Tickets will be sold ater Christmas break. See me if you would like to make a payment plan! Check back for more information.

     Yearbooks! ARE NOW $85.00 – See me in 8-031 during Power Hour 

    Remind Codes:

    Period 1 - @g449af

    Period 2 - @8462a8

    Period 3 - @2cfhh2

    Period 4 - @22akec

    Yearbook - @dc8cae

    Period 6 - @ff32e9