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Mrs. Murphy

Hello parents and students! I am Natasha Murphy and I teach 12th grade Reading at West Port High School. I am also the Content Area Specialist in Literacy and the Lead Reading Teacher. I just completed Graduate School obtaining my Masters in Education with a Specialization in Reading. This will be my 11th year at WPHS and my 18th year teaching in Marion County. Before teaching at WPHS I taught at West Port Middle School. So, I've been on this campus for many, many years! I love to share information and stories about myself and my family with my students. Most of these stories brings laughter to the classroom and when they are learning AND laughing, that is a magical moment! The students also become comfortable and will open up and feel at ease in my class. They will be more willing to share thoughts and ideas throughout the year. With that being said, here is a little information about myself:


*I lived in North Carolina until age 11 and my mother moved us to Orlando, Florida. When I was 12 we moved to Ocala where I attended Fort King Middle School, Lake Weir Middle School, and Lake Weir High School where I graduated in 1992.


*I did not immediately start college. I attended then CFCC (now we know it as CF) and graduated with my AA degree in 1998 and jumped right into St. Leo University and graduated with my BA in Religion in 2001. I recently completed graduate school at St. Leo University earning an M. Ed. Specialization in Reading. 


*I married my husband in 2000 and gained my beautiful stepdaughter Brianna and in 2001 we had our Madisun.


*I started teaching at West Port Middle School in 2002 and have been teaching ever since. I have taught English and Reading during the 17 years I have been teaching in Marion County.


*I am certified in English 5-9, English 6-12, Reading K-12, ESOL Endorsed and Reading Endorsed.


*2005-2006 Teacher of the Year


*2012-2013 Teacher of the Year


*2014-2015 Teacher of the Year


*I was named 2014-2015 State of Florida - Just Read Florida! High School Reading Teacher of the Year!  


I love reading and enjoy helping my students find the joy in reading too. Once they find this I truly believe that everything else will fall into place. We will work hard and I expect my students to work hard and put in the time to not only be successful in my class but successful in all areas of their lives. Reading is important and will be everywhere they turn in their lifelong journey. I hope they become lifelong readers along the way. I tell my students every year that failure is not the end but merely the beginning and it is part of learning. You can't just stop and sit down. You pick yourself up and get back in the "game." You have to practice to be a better singer, dancer, football player, volleyball player, basketball or baseball player, swimmer. etc. It is the same in reading (or in any subject - for me it was math). Practice, practice, practice!!!



I am here to help my students be the best they can be and to accomplish things they never thought they could. They will be challenged in my class and I need for them to have an open mind and be willing to work hard. If they are willing to do all of these things many doors will open for them and the possibilities are limitless! Sticking to the 4 P's will ensure success.

We are Prompt

We are Prepared

We are Polite

We are Productive


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If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me via the email above. I am here to help!