• Please see the links for my college math courses below. Each link will contain the course description including goals and objectives, lesson plans, schedules and tutorial help provided by me, Westport, The College of Central Florida and a worldwide nationally recognized tutorial service provided free to Dual Enrollment Students.


    My personal goal as the instructor is to ensure that each student is afforded the opportunity to succeed and to earn the math college credit required for a degree.  


    The dual enrollment program at Westport is a wonderful opportunity for students to attain a degree very economically, and with the significant advantages of smaller class sizes. Thus, as part of this program, I take my responsibilities very seriously, and will exert every effort to assure that the needs of each student are met.


    I am very excited about the new semester, and am looking forward to seeing my students become a step closer to their laudable goal of a college degree. 


    Please check your email daily for important information about your course. I will communicate with you ofen through MYMathLab utilizing the email you provided when you registered on the site. Other frequent communications will utilize your Cf email ( Patriot).