Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jerry Meyerson

A Brief Resume

You are entitled to know something about me, as you are either a student of mine, or the parent /guardian of a student in my class. My name is Jerry Meyerson; I am from South Carolina.

  • I went to College at Cornell University, Clemson University, and the University of Tennessee

  • I have a bachelor’s degree In Chemical Engineering, a Masters in Mathematics Education, and completed most of the work for a PhD in mathematics.

  • I worked in and managed chemical plants all over the world including plants in South Carolina, Louisiana, Iowa, Belgium, and Greece.

  • I retired from industry, got bored, and started teaching engineering in Tennessee

  • My bride got cold in Tennessee, so we moved to Florida, and live in Dunnellon.

  • I got bored again, and began teaching Math at The College of Central Florida and continue to teach at the college satellite campus at Westport.

  • Mrs. Ellspermann approached me and said the students at Westport are totally great, and as a result here I am teaching all dual enrollment math.

  • Mrs. Ellspermann’s observation on the quality of students here are thus far proving accurate. I give exactly the same exams here as I gave at the college campus. The scores at Westport are consistently higher by a large margin.

  • I am passionate about mathematics and the beauty of the science. I do not expect everyone to share my passion. But I hope to convince a lot of students that math and science is fascinating to  explore in depth. Further, studies in math and  science can lead to very satisfying and lucrative employment opportunities.  

  • I am equally passionate about the field of engineering. A lot of students here have the aptitude to do well in an engineering career and I hope to have conversations with each of the students showing an interest in the profession.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about me or the course.