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    COURSE SYLLABUS – Piano/Keyboarding I 

                            Room#: 2-107                                     Grade Level: 9-12      

                        Course Credit: 1 credit                        Prerequisite: None

                                 Instructor: Dean Marino                      E-mail: Dean.Marino@marion.k12.fl.us  

    Course Description:

    Piano/Keyboarding I is designed to teach the fundamentals of piano and electronic keyboards. Instruction will focus on proper technique and encompass a variety of musical styles such as rock, folk, blues and classical. We will study reading lead sheets, staff notation, music theory and song writing. 

    Course Objectives

    Students will be able to describe and demonstrate the basic skills of piano performance, as well as basic music theory concepts. They will develop their critical musical analysis skills via listening, written and creative exercises. They will display a basic understanding of musical composition and song writing skills. 

    Course Emphasis:

    • Standard rhythms, meters, and notation
    • Triadic harmony
    • Major, minor & dominant 7th chords
    • Tonal relationships
    • Musical form/structure as relates to style being studied
    • Technical proficiency
    • Music theory as a language

    At the end of this course, the student will be skilled in:

    • Intervals
    • Notation
    • Scales and keys
    • Chord structure
    • Rhythmic patterns
    • Music Composition
    • Sight-singing
    • Melodic and harmonic dictation
    • Roman numeral progression
    • Music analysis of varied musical styles 


    Final Project:

    Student will compose/prepare their own piece, perform it for the class. This piece will demonstrate the performing, technique and music theory skill learning in Keyboard I.

    Materials Needed:

    All students must provide:

    • Their own headphones. These can be earbuds or larger.
    • Miniplug to 1/4 inch adaptor - to enable headphones to plug into keyboards
    • Staff paper and something to write with at all times.


    Items used for grade calculations:

    • completion & integrity of assignments
    • written projects
    • exams
    • quizzes
    • student class presentations
    • daily work habits
    • class participation

    Weekly Work Habits Rubric

    Piano Rubric

    Grading category breakdown:

    • Homework assignments - 10%
    • Class presentations, participation and work habits - 25%
    • Projects and tests - 65%

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