Ms. Graulau-Maldonado

Phone: 352-291-4000 Extension 59796 Room 05-233


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Education, Minor Special Ed. Certificates: World Languages Spanish k-12 Elementary School k-6

Ms. Graulau-Maldonado

My name is Yelitza Graulau Maldonado. I have a bachelor's degree in Education from the Interamerican Univeristy of Puerto Rico, with a minor degree in Special Education. I count with ten years of experience as a teacher. I am currently completing my Master's Degree. I was born in the so-called " Enchanted Island", located in the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico. My first language is Spanish, and it's an honor for me to lead others by teaching them the wonders Spanish language and its different traditions and cultures contain.

As a second language learner, I understand firsthand how challenging can be to face something new and unknown. These past four years have been a fascinating learning and growing language-acquisition experience by improving my English with my students and staff and sharing it with others. That is one of the main reasons I love what I do. I want my students to experience themselves  what acquiring a language can do to their lives ! 

By facilitating learning and servicing my students, my first goal is to make them succeed academically. However,  for me it is equally important to reinforce those skills that will be useful in a lifetime.  My greatest disires are to influence positively and inspire others while I cover the Spanish curriculum; an opportunity that I found in the Teaching Career. That's why I am passionate about it !