English 4


    Instructor: Mr. Lipari

    Contact Information: Nicholas.Lipari@marion.k12.fl.us


    Course Description:

    This course is designed to introduce students to literature and have them apply reading strategies to better understand them.  The course includes instruction in universal themes in literature and critical analysis of literary genres.  Composition instruction emphasizes creative, logical, and critical modes.

    Students will be provided with the necessary skills to become a successful writer.  The course will equip students with the necessary strategies to be successful.

    We will work on vocabulary and comprehension, and focus our attention on the standards that the students will be tested on throughout the year.  We will be studying selected stories in our literature textbook in conjunction with the benchmark skills that will be tested on the periodic assessments, including Close Reading Assignments.  We will also be reviewing the assessments to improve on the tested skills.  It's very important that the students utilize the text they are given to find evidence within them to properly answer questions and to gain an understanding of the material.

    Throughout the year, we will examine selected novels, poems, and plays and analyze character development, themes, and literary elements within the sources.


    Writing Utensils (#2 pencils)
    Notebook paper
    1 Duo-tang folder (2 pockets and clips in the middle) used for classwork 
    Red or green pens for corrections

    Highlighters (assorted colors)

    Grading Procedures:

    • English IV Categories

      Standard 1 - Reading (Literature) 20%

      Standard 2 - Reading (NF) 20%

      Standard 3 - Language (Grammar) 20%

      Standard 4 - Speaking/Listening 10%

      Writing - 30%


    Classroom Procedures/Rules:

    Students will be expected to consistently meet the WPHS expectations:
    Be on time and present in class (PROMPT)
    Bring all required materials to class (PREPARED)
    Listen, follow directions, treat others with respect, and cooperate (POLITE)
    Put forth effort to attempt and complete all assignments (PRODUCTIVE)


    Assignments/Homework Procedures:

    Students will be expected to complete all homework by the next class period.
    Assignments are due on the announced date.  Understand that if you turn in late work, you will lose partial, if not full, credit.
    Cheating or plagiarizing of any kind is not tolerated in class or at the school.  If you allow others to copy your work, you are cheating.  You will NOT receive any credit if caught cheating and you will be referred to Student Services for disciplinary measures.



    Make-Up Work Procedures:

    Students will have three days after returning to class to stop by my office hours and receive their make-up work.  It is YOUR responsibility to see if you have missed any work. Do NOT ask what we did yesterday during class because that is NOT the appropriate time to make up work unless you have completed the assignments for the day.  If what we are doing one day is a continuation of the previous day, I will make sure those students who were absent are caught up with time permitting.  My class website will be updated daily with all assignments, but handouts, quizzes, and tests will need to be collected and/or made up during office hours.  I am free during A lunch every day to discuss your grade, your work in class, or explain and answer any questions you may have about an assignment.


    Testing Procedures:

    Students will be tested for concept mastery at the end of each reading assignment and learning unit.  These will involve Close Reading Assignments, story tests, essays, and various projects throughout the year.