English 3 Syllabus

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    English 3 Syllabus (2020-2021)


    English 3 course expectations:


    English 3 is a language arts course that focuses on American literature. We will be reading a variety of American literature from the country’s history. You will practice writing techniques for use in drafting persuasive, informative, and narrative essays. We will be reading and writing every week during class. You are expected to complete the daily bell work task, to participate in class activities, and to diligently work on assignments. All written work will have to be typed before submitting for a final grade.


    West Port High School Expectations:


    • We are prompt (Be on time to class and turn in your work when it’s due)
    • We are prepared (Bring all required materials and be ready to learn)
    • We are polite (Treat others with respect, respect yourself, and avoid foul language)
    • We are productive (Listen, follow directions, limit distractions, and put forth good effort)


    All students must follow school-wide expectations and all rules laid out in the Marion County student code of conduct. The school-wide tardy policy will be enforced. Failure to follow the school-wide expectations result in the following disciplinary steps:


    • Verbal warning
    • Detention
    • Detention and parent/guardian contact
    • Discipline referral




    • Pencils and/or pens (blue or black)
    • Spiral notebook
    • Highlighters


    Academic Integrity:


    Copying work verbatim from another student, plagiarizing writing from another source (including sites where students post photos of completed assignments), and cheating on tests and quizzes are all unacceptable in this class. The person who shares work with another student is also cheating; it is not just the person doing the copying. Work that is completed through any of these methods will be given a grade of zero without the possibility of being resubmitted.





    Late Work Policy:


    You have the number of days you were absent to complete missing work for full credit. After that, late work will receive an automatic 10-point penalty within the first week following the assignment due date. Work that is two or more weeks late will receive a 15-point penalty. I cannot accept work from a previous grading period during the current grading period.


    Gradebook Standards / Percentage Weights:


    • Reading (standard 1) – 35%
    • Writing (standard 2) – 35%
    • Language (standard 3) – 20%
    • Speaking/Listening (standard 4) – 10%


    Teacher Webpage and Learning Management System:


    We will be using Microsoft Teams this year for assignments. Writing assignments and other work will be submitted through Teams. We will also be using Turn-It-In, a program that checks documents for plagiarism. You should regularly check my teacher webpage, too, as I update it with announcements and important dates.


    My teacher webpage:




    The school homepage:




    Marion County Public Schools desktop login:




    To find Microsoft Teams:


    1. Access your student portal through Google Chrome
    2. Click on Office 365
    3. Click on Teams
    4. Find your class on Teams