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         I am Mr. Lipari and welcome to English 4/Intensive Reading!  This is my 12th year teaching here at West Port High School and I look forward to using my experience to help my students achieve their full potential.  On my website, you will find several important pieces of information, including subjects/topics we are covering in class and assignments that are due.  Please take some time and look around my website.  I use my website as a tool throughout the school year to ensure my students are successful, so please take some time to familiarize yourself with it.  You will learn more about me and find my contact information on the About Mr. Lipari page.  The class calendar will include due dates for all assignments, as well as upcoming activities.


        Twelfth grade English Language Arts is the study of British literature and informational texts.  Students will read fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama.  In addition, students will continue to develop and use vocabulary and grammar skills.  English IV students are expected to produce coherent and well organized writing using the writing process.  Students will write analysis, narrative, and informational pieces.  Students will research a topic and produce a completed research project that includes a written paper, oral presentation, and visual aids.


        Eleventh grade Reading is a reading-intensive program that prepares students to pass the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA).  Students in 11th grade Intensive Reading had scored a level 1 on the FSA last year (or there was no score if a student transferred from out of state or never took the test).  There are 3 ways to get out of intensive reading: 1) pass the FSA, 2) get the concordant passing score on the ACT, and 3) get the concordant passing score on the SAT.  Once students pass one of the following options, they will be pulled from reading class and be placed in an elective.  In 11th grade Intensive Reading, we use the internet-based program Reading Plus, which has helped countless students improve their reading in the forms of fluency and comprehension.  Following the initial Insight test, students will be placed according to their reading level.  Students will need to complete 2 See Readers at 80% or above and 5 Read Arounds every Wednesday night and the other 3 See Readers and the weekly writing assignment by midnight on Sunday night.  Reading Plus starts over every week (Monday-Sunday)- the more See Readers students do in a week, the quicker they will level up (their reading level) and the quicker they will be prepared for the tests. 


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