• Drive Through at WPHS on Tuesday-5.12.2020

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 5/11/2020

    Tomorrow is an exciting day for West Port’s Class of 2020.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning between 10:00 and 12:00.  We have personalized graduation signs for each graduating student as well as yearbooks for those students who have purchased them.  There will be a few available for purchase if you did not preorder. 


    Students in 9th – 11th grade can pick up their yearbooks on Wednesday, May 13th between 10 and 12:00 in the student parking lot.  Please drive in the student parking lot using the parent pick up line and we will direct you to the appropriate location.  After your pick up, please feel free to stop by our Curbside Meal Site (between 10:30 and 12:00) for a Grab and Go Meal.  Our cafeteria staff would love to see you!  Go to the second entrance off 80th at the Driver’s Ed loop by Building 9.


    For students who purchased prom tickets, your refund in now available.  We will have checks in the Main Front Office Loop from 10-12:00 tomorrow morning.  The check is made payable to the Family 1 name on the Student Skyward Account.  Please bring ID to pick up and sign for your refund check. 

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, if you are unable to attend, please contact the front office. 


    Have a GREAT evening and Go Wolf Pack.

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  • Are you struggling to find motivation...Ms. Reed just gave us all some great advice!!

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 5/11/2020

    Hi guys,


    I’m going to be honest with you, today I am not feeling very motivated. In fact, what I feel is a little tired, somewhat cranky, and like some mind-numbing show on Netflix is calling my name. Maybe you have felt this way too? Maybe you feel this way right now? Maybe your classwork is the last thing on your mind. I feel that. Sometimes it is just easier to push those assignments to the side and reach for your phone so you can scroll through social media for an hour or more (Yikes). But let me ask you this, when you finish binging that show or scrolling through social media, how do you feel? Blah? Guilty? Are those assignments still there? Yup and now you have less time to get them done.


    Now think about if you grabbed some coffee or cereal (whatever gets you moving in the morning) and instead used that time to work on those assignments? How would you feel now? Are those assignments still there? I am willing to bet you would feel accomplished, productive, and proud of yourself. You may also feel relaxed because you don’t have those assignments you have to do nagging your mind. I don’t know about you, but I would choose accomplished and proud over blah and guilty any day. Active over passive. Regardless of the choices you made yesterday, or the day before, today I want to empower you to be active. Visualize your future and make the decision that makes you proud. Decide what kind of person you want to be, and go be it! It all starts with you, it always has.


    But what if you want to makes some changes, but don’t know where to start? We got you covered. Call/text/e-mail Robey and Langenmayr...we will walk you through it. Your friendly neighborhood support teacher's are here to help!! 


    p.s. We are already proud of you.


    • How are you?
    • What classes have you logged into and done assignments for?
    • What questions do you have about your classes and assignments?
    • What technology help do you need (Google classroom, Zoom, Student Email)?
    • Is there anything else that you need help with or have a question about?



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  • Graduation Update--5.7.2020

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 5/7/2020


    FOR CLASS OF 2020


    MARION COUNTY – Following consensus from the School Board of Marion County, here are graduation plans for the Class of 2020 in Marion County public high schools. 

    All graduations will take place in school football stadiums and tentatively follow this schedule and stipulations:

    ·         June 12 – MTI at Booster Stadium

    ·         June 15 – Vanguard at Booster Stadium

    ·         June 16 – Forest at Mikey Kelly Stadium

    ·         June 17 – Lake Weir at Lake Weir Stadium

    ·         June 18 – North Marion at Stan Toole Memorial Stadium

    ·         June 19 – West Port at Ken Vianello Stadium

    ·         June 20 – Belleview at Brent Hall Field

    ·         June 22 – Dunnellon at Richard Kennedy Stadium

    ·         All graduations start at 9AM.

    ·         Graduation practice will not take place.

    ·         Seniors will arrive and sit in reserved seats spaced six feet apart on the school football field.

    ·         Bands or music ensembles will not participate.

    ·         Formal processionals and recessionals will not take place.

    ·         Each senior receives two admission tickets for guests.

    ·         Guests must sit in designated areas safely social distanced in bleachers.

    ·         Similar safe social distancing will be paramount at all times to prevent physical contact or close gatherings.

    ·         Three people will be seated on stage – a school board member, the superintendent, and the school principal.  

    ·         No physical contact will occur between students and stage occupants.

    ·         No teacher and district staff seating sections will exist.

    ·         Valedictorian and salutatorian speakers will be allowed.

    ·         Each senior will accept a diploma cover after crossing the stage and be officially photographed.

    ·         Students will turn their own tassels together at the end of each ceremony.

    ·         When ceremonies conclude, graduates and guests must leave immediately to avoid crowd gatherings.

    Extra law enforcement will attend each ceremony to ensure everyone’s safety.  Each ceremony will also be recorded and live streamed if possible. All ceremonies will be posted to the Marion Education Channel and the district’s YouTube channel (MCPSmedia).

    All graduation plans are subject to change based on COVID-19 conditions and guidelines at the time.  Relaxed guidelines could change these plans.

    If alternate plans are necessary, graduations will be moved to July 13 – July 21 still in school football stadiums.  The backup for this plan is to hold all graduation ceremonies inside First Baptist Church of Ocala during July 13 – July 21.  In this case, only graduating seniors would participate inside the sanctuary. All guests would observe commencement exercises on large screens outside from their parking spots

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  • 5.1.2020--Update

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 5/1/2020

    Hope this post finds you all well!


    Still no set dates for graduation ceremonies or celebrations (or whatever we end up doing to recognize seniors) but we do know that the last day for seniors will be 5.26.2020.


    Please make sure that you stay caught up with all of your classes and assignments.  Remeber, the grading period will end May 26, 2020!

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  • Strange Days Update--4.29.2020

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 4/29/2020

    Afternoon Seniors and Family!


    I hope this blog post finds you well and doing your best to make the most of these strange times.  By now I think most of you are aware that Rhodes Graduation has shipped out your Cap/Gown orders. 


    If you have not received your cap/gown order or if there is an issue with your order, please e-mail Rhodes Graduation at the following address:  Office@rhodesgraduation.com  You can also call the Rhodes office at 904-272-7419.  If you have any issues that you are not able to work out with Rhodes, or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to e-mail me directly.


    Many of you have contacted me and asked about honor cords.  WPHS provides honor cords for all seniors that have earned them.  If your weighted GPA is a 3.0 or higher, you will receive at least one honor cord.  Stay tuned for details on how we will get those cords to you.


    The Marion County School District is in the process of planning a way/ways to recognize our West Port graduates.  Please stand-by for more information on this.  I have received calls and e-mails daily asking about our graduation ceremony.  Honestly, I know as much as you do.  The district is planning but I don't know what the plan will look like yet, and I do not know the dates.  As soon as I have more information, I will post the information here.


    My best advice to all of you is to focus on meeting your graduation requirements.  Ms. Cruze and all of your teachers expect you to continue to learn, communicate with your teachers, and turn in assignments.  If you want to graduate, you have to stay engaged and meet all of the same requirements as if West Port was operating normally.  If you are struggling to do this, please call or e-mail your teachers/guidance counselors/principals and let us know how we can help.


    Hang in there my friends!!  We love and miss you!!


    Mr. Langenmayr

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  • Updates--4.20.2020

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 4/20/2020



    Distance Learning Continues Through June 1,

    Year-End Activities Being Discussed



    MARION COUNTY – Marion County Public Schools’ update for today includes the following actions taken related to the COVID-19 situation:


    ·         Per the governor’s order, distance learning continues through June 1, the last instructional day for the 2019-2020 school year in Marion County Public Schools.  Teachers and students continue interaction, assignments, and activities through this date. School campuses remain closed to the public.


    ·         Class of 2020 graduation events have been postponed; however, MCPS leaders are committed to recognizing seniors in appropriate ways.  Details are forthcoming.


    ·         School administrators are discussing year-end activities to help students, teachers, parents, and families bring closure to this school year.


    ·         Field trips and extra-curricular activities are cancelled for the remainder of this school year.


    ·         With students online even more these days for distance learning, Florida’s Department of Education shares these additional Internet safety resources:


    o   Common Sense Media (https://www.commonsensemedia.org/) and their “What Is…?” video series for parents


    o   Netsmartz (www.missingkids.org/NetSmartz) has resources for students of all ages and their parents


    o   15 Apps Parents Should Know About


    o   To help younger children better understand COVID-19, a new “Dave the Dog” book is available to download free of charge at nursedottybooks.com/dave-the-dog-is-worried-about-coronavirus-2/.


    o   Additional distance learning resources include www.fldoe.org/em-response/distance-learning.stml and www.flvs.net/community.


    ·         “Parking Lot Wi-Fi” continues at these 10 schools: Belleview Middle, Dunnellon High, Forest High, Fort McCoy School, Horizon Academy at Marion Oaks, Lake Weir Middle, North Marion High, North Marion Middle, Vanguard High, and West Port High.  This free service is available Monday-Friday from 9AM-7PM.  Users simply drive into the parking lot, log in, and access learning materials online. This service is provided through a partnership with the City of Ocala and its fiber network operation.


    ·         “Grab & Go” meal service kicked off its fifth week of serving.  Though severe weather delayed delivery this morning, 3,635 students received 7,270 breakfast and lunch meals.  Since March 24, the district has delivered and handed out 184,043 meals.  Click here to see updated delivery sites including 21 schools that prepare and deliver to 140-plus locations.  Families can call 211 or text “FoodFL” to 877-7877 for their nearest serving location.  This program serves ALL children 18 and under regardless of whether they walk or ride a bicycle, bus or car to school and continues Monday-Friday through June 1. 


    ·         Overdue library books from schools should be kept at home until the COVID-19 crisis is over.  Schools are not accepting any materials for intake so late fees will be waived. Materials can be returned later without penalty.


    ·         An updated “Common Q&A” page at www.marionschools.net addresses many frequently-asked questions.


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  • 4.6.2020--Monday Morning Distance Learning Update

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 4/6/2020
    Good morning students,
    As we begin another week of online virtual learning, Ms. Robey and I want to remind you that we are here for you.  We know that this transition can be overwhelming, along with all of the uncertainty and stress present in today's world.  Please continue to reach out to us if you need help.  For those of you that did not respond to us last week, please do so immediately.
    We are continuing to make phone calls home to check on you and your families, personally.  We just want to be sure that you are okay and let you know how we can help you in the next few weeks.
    Some important reminders:
    1. INTERNET/COMPUTER NEEDS:  If you are struggling with computer or internet access, please let us know.  West Port has a limited number of chrome books they are lending to students for free during the virtual learning period.  If you need to pick up a chrome book from West Port, please call ahead at 352-291-4000 and let them know what you need.  They have a "drive-through" chrome book pick up service that will only be available TODAY and TOMORROW.
    2. FOOD SERVICES:  Our school district is proving breakfast and lunch to students at specific locations near our school. The link of locations/times is here:  https://www.marionschools.net/cms/lib/FL01903465/Centricity/Domain/14546/COVID_19_Meal_Service_Locations_Starting_March-30.pdf.  Students no longer must be present to be served; however, parents/family members must present appropriate legal identification to pick up those meals on their children’s behalf. Families can call 211 or text “FoodFL” to 877-7877 for their nearest serving location. This program serves ALL children 18 and under regardless of whether they walk or ride a bicycle, bus or car to school and it continues Monday-Friday until classes resume.
    Please respond to this email now and let us know how you are doing.  If you have not reached out to either of us yet, please provide Ms. Robey and I with an updated phone number where we can reach you, and any other contact information that would help us help you.
    Hang in there everybody!!
    Much Love,
    Langenmayr and Robey
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  • Call me or E-mail me to check in

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 4/3/2020

    Don't have to wait for us to call or e-mail you...you can call me  on my Google Voice number:  352-570-0477

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  • Please sign up on Remind

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 4/2/2020

    If you have not joined Remind, please do it ASAP. 


    Ms. Robey and I have our own 12th/Senior Support Squad Remind page.


    Please text this message:  @b2e272g

    Text it to this number:  81010


    Remind is just another resource that we can all use to communicate!

    Looking forward to hearing fro you soon!

    Mr. L

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  • Please Check-In

    Posted by Adam Langenmayr on 4/2/2020
    Hey Everybody...Mr. Langenmayr here!
     Just wanted to invite all of you to communicate with me everyday...PLEASE!!!  
     Robey and I will be available  for phone calls between 9:15-3:45 Monday-Friday.  Of course you can e-mail us anytime.
    Please visit my teacher website sometime today, and read the updates and important information.  Here's the link:  https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/13341
     I miss all of you, and I think about you a lot.  I wonder what you are doing, what's keeping you busy, and how your families are???  I wonder if there is something I can do to help you??
     Seriously, I am here for you and so is Ms. Robey, even if it's just to check-in.
    I really hope you all will check in with me as much as you can, but I don't want to overwhelm you either.  Just remember that school is still happening and if you want to graduate, you have to continue to go to school, learn, and complete your assignments.  Ms. Robey and I are here to help with this and will be reaching out to you individually to develop a Distance Learning Plan.  
    However, you don't have to wait for us to call or e-mail you...you can call me  on my Google Voice number:  352-570-0477
    Also, you can still lean on Robey and I to talk about/report things or issues that may be going on in your life that have been complicated by the Corona Virus. 
     If you have issues that you are struggling with at home, please let us know, and we will do all we can to help.  We want to make sure everybody is being taken care of at home, if you are experiencing issues at home that are negatively affecting you or your family, please let Ms. Robey and I, or one of you other teachers or guidance counselors know ASAP!!!
     I am giving you guys an assignment today, it won't count in anyone's grade-book or skyward, but if you complete the assignment sometime today, you will get an "A" in the grade-book of my heart...❤️🙂!!!  
     Assignment:  Just respond to this e-mail sometime today and check in with me.
     I miss you all, looking forward to hearing from you soon!
     Mr. L
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