Mr. Langenmayr

Phone: 352-291-4000


Degrees and Certifications:

AA History--Santa Fe College Gainesville, FL BA History--University of Florida Gainesville, FL Florida Certified Teacher: Social Sciences Exceptional Student Education

Mr. Langenmayr

My name is Mr. Langenmayr and I am a Support Facilitator at the best darn school in the county...LITERALLY!!  West Port High School has received an "A" school designation from the state of Florida for the past 5 years.  We are the only high school in Marion county that can claim that status.  I only mention this because I want you to know how much I love our school, our staff, and most of all our students; and how privileged I am to teach here.

So...who is this Langenmayr guy anyway??

So glad you asked!  I am a Florida native and a home grown product of Marion county.  I graduated from Forest High School in 1998 and immediately enlisted into the United States Coast Guard.  My time in the Coast Guard sent me on many adventures, from the Arctic Circle to the Equator...form New Jersey to California.  After serving our country for five exciting years I was ready to begin college and emerged from Gainesville with a Bachelors degree in History during the spring of 2007.  After my graduation from college I was not entirely sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, however, since I was a young kid I have felt called by higher powers to give teaching and coaching a try.  At the end of that 2007 summer I was blessed, and Ms. Ellspermann made be an official part of the Wolf Pack!

What in tarnation is a Support Facilitator?

You mean you don't know??  C'mon, everybody knows what a Support Facilitator is...right??  Ok, here it is in really basic terms.  I am a traveling teacher that reaches out to every student in a particular grade (I am assigned to seniors this year) and tries to help them in absolutely any and every way I can.  Let me know what ya need, and I will try and make it happen. 

Why is it so important to teach and learn?

I'm still pretty young, maybe not by kid standards, but I still say yes ma'am and no sir to most folks, and I still get told that I have a lot to learn.  In fact, maybe that's the point of school, realizing that we all, students, teachers, and parents alike, still have a lot to learn about each other and how are world works.