• MCCA Visual Arts –Gene Hotaling – Room # 5-134
    2017-2018 Classroom Policies

    My Philosophy:

    We are all students. We are all teachers. We each have different responsibilities to ourselves and each other. Our mission and goal is to discover what we have to teach and what we have to learn. Life/education is all about the experience of and enjoyment of this dynamic relationship.  It is my intention to follow the behavior and dress code policies outlined in the Marion County Student Handbook as specified by Student Services at West Port High School.

    G.A.I.N. - Rules to gain by…..
    G- Golden Rule-Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    A- Attitude-a good attitude is the first step to success –a bad attitude is the first step to failure.
    I- Integrity-To thine own self be true.
    N- -No eating food in class- Always keep drinks away from the working areas, tabletops etc.

    My Expectations: Punctuality, Cleanliness, Respect and Communication

    Punctuality and good attendance are essential to good performance. Students must be in class before the bell rings to be considered present. Late arrival to class will be recorded as an unexcused tardy. I want all students in their assigned seats at the bell. Our class will always begin with a brief general meeting. Please stay in your seat until we are dismissed. The bell at the end of class is my signal to dismiss you. Please stay in your seat until I have dismissed the class. We will clean our room at the end of every class; until this is done I will not dismiss you.
    With over one hundred students using our room cleanliness and neatness is a must. If you take out materials and tools you must put them away and clean up any mess you make. Most of our materials, resource items and tools have a home in the room, it is essential that you know where things go and maintain our organizational system. About ten minutes before the end of each class I will signal you to begin clean-up….I will not write passes for late arrival to other classes….you must manage your own time effectively.
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This simple idea is at the heart of how we should treat each other in our workspace. Your actions in this close environment directly affect everyone around you. Please be conscientious of how what you are doing and saying may impact others. Respect also extends to our behavior in terms of the rules of our school, the dress code and use of materials and space.
    Good two-way communication between each other and the instructor is very important to a productive environment. Please do not hesitate to express your ideas and opinions on any issue that may be bothering you or disrupting our class. Discussion of these issues is the first step to achieving a resolution of the problem. In general, discussions of grading and behavior issues are best done in a scheduled conference. The 2nd half of Power Hour, before and after school are all times that I am available for conferences. Formal conferences with parents must be scheduled through guidance.


    Rest Room/ Leaving Class

    You are encouraged to use the restroom between classes. If you must use the restroom during class, please wait until we have broken out from our discussion or critique before asking to leave. Please let me know you are leaving to use the restroom. Then: you MUST fill out the sign out book (name, date, time) by the door and take the RR pass. Sign back in when you return and replace pass. Only one student at a time is permitted in the restroom.


    You must remain in my room for the class. You must have my permission and a pass to leave the room for ANY reason. Please do not assume that you can visit other teachers on this hall or anywhere on campus.



    Good attendance is essential to good performance in any class but particularly in Art. Much of the work we do depends on the materials, equipment and critique that is available to you here in class. Explanations of projects and techniques are always best delivered in class and always suffer in repetition.  When you are absent YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the class work, due dates and tests that you miss. All syllabi, project description sheets, assignment calendars etc. are published on my web site and are available as hard copies in the documents area of the class. At the beginning of each semester, each of my classes is given a syllabus of all due dates and assignments. All work (sketchbooks, Gallery visits, and projects) are due the day you return to school from an absence. YOU must bring these assignments to me and get them graded in a timely manner.


    Cell Phones:

    Cell phones must not be used for communication in class. It is understood that the camera and research capacities of the cell phone are a resource for students and they can be used for those purposes at appropriate times. Listening to music, using headphones, texting on your phone is not appropriate during critiques, class discussion and when the instructor is addressing the class. At certain times, when we are working on our assignments in class, I will allow you to listen to music on cell phones with earphones. Be advised that phones will be confiscated if the privilege of using them is abused.


    Eating and Drinking:

    Due to the risk of damaging or soiling art in progress, eating is not allowed in the classroom at any time. Students cannot eat lunch in this classroom or store food here in the refrigerator unless special permission is granted. Drinks are permitted as long as they are kept on the counters away from work areas. Students from other classes are not permitted in the classroom or patio areas during the school day.


    Dress Code:

    All students are encouraged to review and be familiar with the dress code for Marion County Schools. The Marion County dress code outlined in the Student Handbook and specified by the Students Services at West Port High School will be enforced in the Art Room. All students are advised to keep a personal smock or apron on hand to use as a cover up when working with art materials. Improper dress will not be considered a valid excuse for not working on projects.


    Grading Rubric

    Grading Art is a highly subjective endeavor. The particular bias and preferences of the viewer/grader will always be a factor in the assessment of a piece of art work. In an effort to create a fair evaluation system for our work we have created a grading rubric(see below). pleas euse this rubric to evaluate your own work PRIOR to turning it in.


    9-10 Excellent (90 - 100)

    8  Good (80 - 89)

    7   Moderate  (70 - 79)

    6 or less  Poor (60 - 69)or less

    Elements and Principles

    Drawing shows considerable planning. Several preliminary sketches. Used Elements and Principles of Art effectively to create a strong composition.

    Drawing shows an adequate understanding of the Elements and Principles of Art. Evidence of some planning  

    Drawing complete but shows little evidence of planning or understanding the Elements and Principles of Art 

    Drawing incomplete or if finished it shows no evidence of an understanding of the Elements and Principles of Art. 

    Creativity and Originality

    Drawing finished with complete originality after thorough experimentation

    Drawing finished but not completely original. Problem solved logically and safely

    Drawing finished but with trite imagery/solution. No evidence of experimentation or originality.

    Drawing incomplete or finished with no evidence of experimentation or originality. Plagiarized work...

    Effort and Perseverance

    Class time used wisely. Much time and effort went into final project.  Student worked at home as well as at school. Went beyond requirements

    Class time was used wisely. Student could have put in more time and effort at home. Hard work in evidenced but some details lacking.

    Project finished with minimum effort. Met minimum requirements with no extra effort. Class time was not always used wisely.

    Project unfinished or completed after many prompts. Ideas, help and solutions from other classmates. Class time was not used wisely, student put in no additional effort.


    Drawing  is carefully and skillfully made. Attention to detail and finished surfaces.

    Project is finished in most aspects. Minor flaws present.

    Project is finished but somewhat messy, evidence of haste and lack of attention to detail.

    Project unfinished or finished with no attention to detail. Quickly thrown together.

    Attitude Responsibility Parameters

    Project met all requirements. Student worked enthusiastically towards group goals. Mentored others. Mature behavior.

    Project met most requirements. Student work diligently assisted with set-up and clean-up.

    Project met some requirements. Student did bare minimum. Distracted and disturbed others. Sporadic clean-up.

    Project did not meet most requirements. Off task most of time. Disruptive to others/group. Waste & Careless use of materials and supplies. Immature behavior.