• Course Description

    This course emphasizes world literature, grammar, and writing skills.  Literature includes novels, short stories, biographies, and other works of nonfiction.  Writing focuses mainly on arguments.  The course is designed for students to acquire the basic skills of communication, interpretation, and understanding needed for career and college readiness.

    Oh, the Times and Places You'll Go!


    Reading Assignments and Reading Goals

    Readings for this course will be done individually or collectively and in the classroom or at home.  Florida's reading standards state that each student should read 25 books per year.  In an attempt to meet this standard, the books have been broken up over the course of the year.  Independent readings will be assigned to students on a regular basis.  Some books will be assigned by the teacher.  Other books will be selected and acquired from a library by the students, but the books must follow certain criteria.  One book will be assigned per quarter, but the ideal goal is 8 independent readings by the end of the school year.  Students are asked to read the books and should constantly be trying to challenge themselves with each new book.  For this, the students will have to read books on or above their reading level.


    Class Work and Bell Work 

    Class work will be based on the standards that the FLDOE requires students to master.  Bell work will be mostly in vocabulary and grammar.  Class work will be evaluated periodically, and students are responsible for keeping it for future references.


    Make-up and Retake Policies 

    Students are responsible for completing make-up work on their own time.  No class time will be provided for making up work.  If a student is absent, no matter the reason, he/she will have to visit the class website to acquire any missing work and turn it in during office hours.  The student is responsible for making the necessary arrangements for this to be done.  Student computers are available all around campus (Media Center and Computer Lab 7-002) for students to access and acquire the work from the website.  In case of absence, students have a 3-day grace period to turn in work without being penalized.  The grade for any work turned in after the 3-day grace period will get a 15%penalization.  Work turned in after the grace period will get half credit (50%).  Assignments turned in 1+ week late will get a score of 0. Work that is done and discussed in class for students to improve or fix answers will not be regraded.  If the student does not take the opportunity in class to make changes or improvements in his/her work or request assistance from the teacher, the student will not be given the opportunity to resubmit graded assignments for a regrading.

    When a student is absent for a quiz or a District Mandated Assignment, he/she will have to make it up during Power Hour or make arrangement after school (3:35 p.m.-4:00 p.m.) to take care of this.  If the student does not make-up the missing quiz/assignment within 10 school days, it will automatically become a zero (0%).

    Retakes are available for students who score below 70% in any quiz or assessment.  Students are responsible for requesting the corresponding quiz/assessment, bringing evidence of having studied the material (review notes, flashcards, etc.), and completing the work during Power Hour or after school.  No retakes will be given without proper evidence of study.


    Extra Credit 

    The purpose of the extra credit is for the student to improve his/her grade by demonstrating the acquisition of the skills and mastery of the standards required for this course.  The purpose of the extra credit is NOT for a new assignment to replace the grade of a missing one.  Although extra credit will be available in this course, parents and students must be aware that certain requirements must be met for students to be able to get the opportunity.

    • the student cannot be missing any assignments for the grading period in which the extra credit is being requested
    • the assignment has to be turned in no later than one (1) week prior to the end of the grading period
    • the student must comply with everything the assignment requires
    • acceptance of the extra credit assignment is totally the teacher's prerogative


    Materials Needed

    Students need the following supplies at the earliest possible time: 

    • 2 composition notebook (no spiral notebooks)
    • 1 plastic folder with prongs
    • a pack of wide ruled paper (to be left in the classroom/optional)
    • a pack of 10 to 12 #2 pencils (to be left in the classroom/optional)

    Students have the option to use their laptop computers or tablets for class, but they must consistently use the same method to complete their work throughout the year (i.e. either traditional paper and pencil or electronic device).  Students who choose an electronic device still need to bring the plastic folder, the pack of paper, and the pack of pencils for use in other class activities.


    Grade Distribution

    Grade distribution will be based on four categories:

    Standard 1: Reading Comprehension 35%

    • Independent Readings
    • Reading Comprehension Activities
    • District Mandated Assignments and Assessments

    Standard 2: Writing 35% 

    • Independent Reading Essays
    • District Mandated Assignments and Assessments 
    • Class Writing Assignments

    Standard 3: Language 20% 

    • Vocabulary Assignments and Quizzes
    • Grammar Assignments and Quizzes

    Standard 4: Speaking and Listening 10% 

    • Class Discussion and Oral Activities
    • Presentations/Speeches
    • Academic Participation

    Averages are based on Marion County Public School's Grading Scale: 





    F=59% and below