Recommended Academic Activities


    English III

    1. Sign up for SAT Daily Practice

    2. Use the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Visit  merriam-webster.com and play word games, 

    every day for 10 minutes. Sign up for the word of the day.

    3.  Read for pleasure (30 minutes, daily)

    English Language Learners (ESOL)

    1. Review grammar and vocabulary every day for 30  minutes.

    2. Read daily for 15 to 30 minutes.

    3. Create a personal dictionary.  Go to merriam-webster.com, ESL feature to look up the meanings of new words.





    Estimados Padres de habla hispana,

    Recuerde que puede comunicarse con la Sra. Delgado o Sra. Torruellas Vazquez por correo electrónico: sonia.delgado@marion.k12.fl.us 


    o por teléfono al 671-4700, extensión#58677




  • ESOL Students daily homework is to practice grammar and vocabulary using the strategies used in Developmental Language Arts and CAT.  Use the following FREE websites:

    1. (Internet Explorer) Interchange Arcade

    2. www.englishclub.com Games, Lessons, and Quizzes for English learners

    3. Dictionary: www.m-w.com Use the ESL feature.  Great resource to use during English class (9th-12th)

    ALSO AVAILABLE: Mobile Apps :)

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  • English III Honors

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  • Students,

    Review and practice English at home.  Use the websites and language learning strategies used in class every day.

    FSA Assessment: Test Samples

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary Word Games



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  •  Supplies Needed for this Class
    500 sheets of college-ruled paper
    3-5 sharpened pencils
    2-3 pens (black or blue ink only) 
    (1) 1.5 three-ring binder
    1 packet of tabs (5)
    Translation dictionary(for ESOL students only)
    Merriam-Webster Dictionary (English Courses)
    Reading material for *SSR (magazines, graphic novels, comic books, or any other school-appropriate material) 
    *Sustained Silent Reading
    USB flash drive (8GB) 
    Additional materials may be announced at least two weeks prior to using them in class
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