• Materials

    Students must come to class with the following supplies every day:

    • planner to record assignments and important dates
    • ballpoint pen with blue or black ink
    • #2 pencil and eraser
    • loose-leaf notebook paper
    • graph paper
    • a notebook reserved for biology notes.  The notebook may be a compostion book or a 1/2" ringbinder.

    Students will complete a science fair project as a first semester project. Materials required for this project are…

    • a bound composition book (not a spiral notebook)
    • materials and equipment for completion of the experiment chosen by the student.


    Students may complete, correct and resubmit most assignments within one week of the return of the assignment.  The new work must be the student’s own effort, and the original graded assignment must be attached to the new work.  Full credit can be earned.  A corrected assignment will be given a new grade; a comment in the grade book will reflect the student’s additional effort.  Corrected work may not be re-graded after the one-week deadline.

    There will be no extra credit assignments.

    Homework, class work, and lab reports make up a significant part of the report card grade.  Late assignments will be accepted, but a penalty will be subtracted from the grade for late work.

    On-line quizzes should be taken as each section is finished, but must be completed no later than the night before the unit test.  Students who have problems with a quiz must contact me no later than the day before the quiz closes so these issues may be resolved and the quiz can be completed. Once a quiz goes off-line it cannot be taken and the quiz cannot be made up.

    Grade Book

    Units are weighted based on the time spent on each topic.  Science Fair project grades will account for 10% of both the 1st and 2nd quarter grades. 

    Report card grades will be given according to the state high school grading scale: 

    A = 90 – 100%; B = 80 – 89%; C = 70 – 79%; D = 60 – 69%; F = 00 – 59%. 


    Students will take the Marion District Common Semester Exam at the end of the 2nd quarter.  The semester exam grade will be counted as 10% of the first semester grade.

    The Florida Biology End of Course Exam will be administered during the 4th quarter.  This is a true final exam that covers biology content for the entire school year.  A student must pass the Biology EOC Exam as determined by the state score (on a scale of 1 to 5) in order to be awarded a high school diploma with a scholar designation.  In addition, the exam score will be converted to a letter grade and will count for 30% of the final course grade.

    Laboratory Safety

    Students are expected to act in a safe and responsible manner at all times.  The biology classroom is a laboratory, therefore biosafety level 1 guidelines must be followed whether or not a lab activity is scheduled.  Eating and drinking are not allowed in class.  All food, candy, gum, water, and other drinks must be kept in a book bag or backpack or thrown away.  Students may not apply make-up, lotions, lip balm, or handle contact lenses while in the lab.

    Running, jumping, and horseplay are never permitted.  All lab equipment and materials must be used only as instructed and for the purposes intended.  Failure to respect the rules of the laboratory will result in parent contact, loss of lab privileges, and grade penalties. 

    Make-up work

    Regular attendance is important for student achievement and excessive absences, either excused or unexcused, will be detrimental to learning. Attendance on lab days is particularly important. It is often difficult to make up missed lab work and sometimes it is not possible.  The grade for an assignment may reflect a student's lack of participation in a lab activity.

    Dissection may be performed on nonliving mammals or birds secured from a recognized source of such specimens and under the supervision of quaified instructors.  Students may be excused upon written request of a parent.  (Florida statute 1003.47)

    Written work and tests missed due to an absence may be made up following school policies.  When absent, students should check the website for missed assignments.  Make up work must be done as homework or during ALPHA Time.

    It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for taking missed tests and completing missed assignments in a timely manner.