U.S. HISTORY 2019-20

    Welcome students and parents to U.S. History.  My name is Mr. Cotton.

    Email: Michael.Cotton@marion.k12.fl.us


    The following are our class procedures:

     ATTENDANCE: 1. If you are not in the classroom when the bell rings you will be counted as tardy. (No exceptions). Sign in on the classroom tardy log.  

    1. If you are absent from class for any reason it is your responsibility to make up all missing work. (You will have five calendar days from the date of your return to school to make up all missing assignments, test. Etc) NOTE: Class assignments are posted daily on our website!
    2. Cell Phone Policy: Cells Phones are not to be used in class or on student’s desk without permission of the instructor. The first violation will result in a warning. The second violation will result in the student placing the cell phone in the charging area at the front of the class where it will remain until class is over. Refusal to place the phone in the charging area when instructed to will result in disciplinary action.

    DURING CLASS: 1. Be prepared with paper, a pen or pencil and any other materials your instructor request.

    1. To use the restroom, ask to be excused, sign-out, and take the restroom pass with you. Proceed to the restroom in our building and sign in upon your return.
    2. Do not bring food or drink into the classroom. You may have a single drink with a top at n your desk. No open cups will be allowed in the classroom.
    3. 4. You will need a folder/binder where you will keep your class assignments. Bring your folder/binder to class every day. It will be graded each nine weeks. Organization of the material within the folder will count.

     Always show respect:

    To yourself by doing your best and asking for help when you need it

    To each other by not laughing or criticizing others, and

    To the teacher by not talking when he is teaching and by participating in class.


    Classwork and Participation.....50%

    Test and Quizzes........................40%



    U.S. History Syllabus