• Welcome to Biology!!!

    In Biology 1 we will introduce biology as a science, learn to design and carry out scientific experiments, and cover the Biology 1 curriculum to prepare for the End of Course exam in May.

    Laboratory work is an essential part of any biology course. Our lab work this year will include the use of scientific inquiry, research methods and measurement, problem solving, laboratory equipment and technologies, experimental procedures, and safety procedures.


    Chart 1: Units by Quarter


    Quarter 1

    Unit 0: Nature of Science

    Unit 1: Chemistry for Biology

         1A: Properties of Water

         1B: Macromolecules


    Quarter 2

    Unit 2: Cell Structure and Function

         2A: Cells and Cell Cycle

         2B: Cell Membranes and the Immune System

    Unit 3: Plant Structure and Cellular Energy


    Quarter 3

    Unit 5: Reproduction and Meiosis

    Unit 6: Genetics

    Unit 7: Evolution and the Brain


    Quarter 4

    Unit 8: Classification and Taxonomy

    Unit 9: Ecology and Cardiovascular Health

    Unit 10: End of the Year Projects



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