• 2017-2018 Geometry Syllabus for Mr. Luke Bender

    West Port High School


    This course is designed to enable students to develop reasoning and problem solving skills as they study topics such as congruence, similarity, apply properties of lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles. In addition, to help students prepare for standardized tests while satisfying the Common Core Curriculum. Students will acquire and demonstrate knowledge of concepts of the course listed in the description. Students will develop critical thinking and decision making skills by connecting concepts to practical real world applications.

    Classroom Expectations:

    • For students to follow the West Port High School – 4 P’s

      1. Prompt – using your time wisely, and being at the right place at the right time.

      2. Prepared – knowing what to do by being organized in thoughts and actions.

      3. Polite – show concern and consideration for others in all that you do.

      4. Productive – manage your time and your work. Have a plan and execute it.

    • My classroom has a motto: One Rule and One Job. The one rule is to respect everyone here at West Port. The one job I want students to focus on in class is to learn.

    • Any problems with the 4 P’s of West Port or my classroom expectations will result in the following: Warnings, Power Hour Detention, Phone Calls Home, and Discipline Referrals. In accordance with West Port policies.

    Text Book and Materials for Class:                                         Supplies for Home Use:

    • Textbook Geometry (Pearson)                                          ●     Student Work Book

    • 1 inch 3 Ring Binder with at least 2 tab dividers                        ●     Protractor

    • College Ruled Loose-leaf/Graph paper                          ●     Compass

    • Pencils                                                                                   ●     Ruler

    • Calculator (Will be provided in class)                             ●     Scissors

    Grading Policy:                                                        Grading Scale:

    • Based Geometry Units listed below.                                ●     A – 100-90%

    • May be viewed using Family Access.                             ●     B – 89-80%

    • Detail unit summery and grading can                             ●     C – 79-70%

      found on my website.                                                         ●     D – 69-60%

                                                                                                      ●     F – 59-0%

    Grades will be based on student mastery of Geometry units tested on the Common End of Course Exam.



    Units for Geometry:


    1. Review/ Entry to Geometry                                        6.Polygons and Quadrilaterals           

    2. Tools of Geometry                                                      7. Circles                                            

    3. Reasoning and Proof/ Congruent Triangles                8. Area

    4. Relationships with Triangles                                       9. Solids

    5. Similarity Right Triangles, and Trig                            10. Probability                       

    6. Transformations                                 




    • The best way to content me about any concerns is via email through the West Port Webpage faculty listings or at roman.bender@marion.k12.fl.us .



    Late Work/Make-Up Work:

    • Students can retake test till they master the standards. All make-up and late work needs to be picked up during my Power Hour office hours to not disturb student learning.



    Cell Phones/Electronics:

    • Below is a copy of Marion County Cell Phone policy. This policy will be strictly enforced in my class to limit classroom distractions that hinder the learning process.