Mrs. Nancy Atkinson

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Mrs. Nancy Atkinson


This is my 35th year teaching music in Florida.

In Marion County, I taught at Madison Street Elementary for 9 years; Belleview High School for 13 years and this is my 9th year at West Port.

Mr. Atkinson, the Bio-Medical teacher and I have been married for a very long time.  We have two children, Gwen and Eddie, who are in their 30s and attended the Marion County Schools before attending UF and FSU.  Mr. Atkinson and I are both from Miami so are Hurricane fans which help us to not play favorites between UF, our daughter Gwen's alma mater and FSU, our son Eddie's alma mater

Aside from teaching music, playing music, listening to music and absolutely loving everything I do with music, I kayak, bicycle and hike--all very slowly, but am able to see great beauty in nature.  Mr. Atkinson and I also love camping and have been cross-country several times.

I have recently developed a keen interest in all things astro-physics.  
At my advanced age, I am taking it slowly, reading "Idiot's Guides" to these topics and appreciate all help from mathematic/engineering types since it is those students who also sing or play instruments that have inspired me.

Philosophy and World Religions are also favorite topics of mine.  With the extensive diversity of my students, it is common for us to come upon these topics inadvertantly during any classes.  Mr. Gustavson is now teaching a philosophy class and since I teach his son, Stefan, I hope to acquire even more knowledge from both of them.


I also love making small talk about movies.


Enough about me.


I look forward to knowing all of you this year.


Mrs. A.

  • 8:15-9:10. Monday through Thursday-- Zero Period Concert Chorus for singers who either want extra singing experience OR are unable to fit chorus into their regular day.

     Period 1: 9:25- 10:14. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 9:25-10:54 Thursday--Chamber Singers. Intermediate-Advanced level of singers.  They should be at Level 3 or higher in Sight Singing and have strong knowledge and experience of music theoy, vocabulary and ear training.  This class is a pure MCCA Vocal Ensemble, and they have auditioned to be here.

    Period 2: 10:18- 11:07. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 9:25-10:54, Friday--Early College Music Appreciation Dual enrollment students study Western European music between 900-present including Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococco, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic and Contemporary Classical music.  They will identify pieces from each era and know what is occuring historically to influence and be influenced by  the music composed during this time.  They will compile groups to present music that is indiginous to countries--folk music, cultural beliefs, dances, food, etc.  We will also compare music they are more familar with to classical and world music forms.

     Period 3: 11:12-12:02. Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. 10:59-12:24, Thursday-Singers, All. Beginning chorus students who have mixed levels of music theory, sight singing and eartraining experience.  This class is taught as a beginning class which permits those with more experience to assist in teaching.  It also allows more advanced students to demonstrate performance of more advanced skill. This class consists of students who auditioned and are accepted into MCCA chorus as well as those who have not.

    12:02-1:00, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesda. 12:24-1:26, Thursday and Friday--Power Hour.  My office hours are during A Lunch.  Students may rehearse, assist with officer duties or meet or clubs.

    Period 4: 1:00- 1:47. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 10:59-12:24. String Orchestra This class consists of students playing violin, viola, cello or bass for the first time as well as those who have been playing for 5+ years.  We incorporate other instruments, such as mandolin, guitar, sitar,  percussion, various wind instruments and keyboards to perform the classics, bluegrass, Celtic and popular music.

    Period 5: 1:50-2:40, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  2:05-3:35, Thursday. Eclectic Singers This class is the most advanced in vocal experience and ability, sight singing, music theory and eartraining.  The students in this class are all Level 3 or higher in Sight Singing and have proven their dedication in years past by their participation, musical ability, GPAs and discipline.

    Period 6: 2:45-3:35. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 2:05-3:35 Friday. Planning.  Zero period Monday-Thursday allows me to have this period since the majority of faculty members have their plannnng period from 8:15-9:15 Monday-Thursday. PRAISE THE LORD!!!


    Philosophy Club-- Talk about Religion and Politics and other taboo topics.  The meaning of life and death are brought up, often.  We also solve riddles. RESPECT, ACCEPTANCE OF OTHERS' THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS AND A MIND OPEN TO LEARNING HOW OTHERS THINK AND BELIEVVE

    Tri-M--Music National Honor Society,   Open to any student in a school directed music ensemble.  This is a service club and students can earn volunteer hours through various projects.

    GSA--co-sponsored with Mr. Gustavson.  Students discuss proactive means of presenting acceptance and equality of all--straight, gay or undetermined.  These studets participate in state wide events sponsored by LGBTQ organizations.