Mrs. Atkinson's Music Classes

  • Welcome to West Port High School's Marion County Center for the Arts.

    My name is Nancy Atkinson.  I teach the following classes:

    Vocal Ensemble I-IV

    Vocal Tech I-IV

    Orchestra I-IV

    Early College Music Appreciation

    Sponsor of Tri-M which is the Music National Honor Society, Philosophy Club and GSA


    This is my tenth year at West Port and I am very happy with how the program has grown as well as the quality of students we attract in both talent and integrity.


    Vocal Classes are mixed to accomodate their levels and schedules. Zero Period, in particular, is designed for those who want to participate in an extra chorus class or have no time in their schedules during the regular school day.

    Orchestra I-IV is all in one class and they teach and learn from each other tremendously well in all directions.


    Early College Music Appreciation is taken by any Early College student who would like to understand musical concepts better.  It ties in with Humanities, also.


    This year promises to be extremely busy, as usual.  I will keep you updated via the calendar.

    I am very excited about teaching all of you this year!!



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  • Hey Stetson Singers.

    The trip has been postponed to January 27 and 28.  I will have the hotel return our check and hold onto it for January.  If you cannot attend at that time and have paid in full, I will see about somebody buying your spot.


    Mrs. A

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  • NOTES for “River”  (SSAA) from Dr. Sandra Peter


    Thank you for your work on “River”!  I am excited to see you next week and sing the piece together.  Here are a few notes, as you continue to prepare:

    1. We will acknowledge all metronomic markings, rests, and breath marks, as indicated in the score.  If there is not a rest or breath mark notated, please do not add one.  Keep singing, connect and move the line forward.
    2. Having said that, there are just a few places where I would like you to write in a rest/breath mark:

          Soloist, please breathe in m. 56 after “everything” and in m. 58 after “something.”  Altos, in m. 22 and 24, breathe quickly at the end of beat one.  Alto I, in m. 36 make beat one an eighth note and an eighth rest.

    1. Divisi:  Soprano II, m. 18-19---we will balance this at the festival.  All sopranos, m. 102---we will balance this at the festival.  Thanks for your flexibility!
    2. M. 1-28---this section is three-part---SSA.  M. 29-103---the piece switches to a four-part texture, SSAA. 
    3. I will weave the solo auditions into our rehearsal time on the first day of the festival.  I will be listening to material from m. 48-59.  Thanks!
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  • Period 0, 3, 5--Halleluiah

    Per 1 And the Glory, NOAH!!!! bass Halleluiah tenor Halleluiah alto Halleluiah soprano Halleluiah

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  • Fanfare For A Festival:


    Verleih'uns Frieden


    Make Me An Instrument of Thy Peace


    America the Beautiful

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  • Experienced singers attend 3 + Dress Rehearsal

    New singers attend 6 + Dress Rehearsal IF POSSIBLE. At least 3, please.

    Letter from Ryan Pagels:

    Hi all,


         If you're receiving this, that means you're on the register for the Ocala Symphony's upcoming performance of Handel's Messiah!  Most of you have been singing with us for years, so this isn't new to you.  We're performing the Christmas Portion (Part I), as well as Behold the Lamb of God (mvt. 22), Hallelujah Chorus (mvt. 44), Since by Man came death (mvt. 46), and  Worthy is the Lamb that was slain (mvt. 53).  We use the Novello edition, and for those of you who do not have your own copy, we can provide you with one.  You can also purchase a copy if you'd like, although I don't remember the cost at the moment.  


    Per the request of many of you, we've slightly altered the practice schedule.  This is to allow you to attend other concerts and events that occur on Sundays.  The schedule at the Reilly Center is pretty tight, so please understand this is the best we could do. 



    Sunday October 2nd, 2pm-4pm

    Saturday October 8th, 10am-12pm

    Saturday October 15th, 10am-12pm

    Saturday October 22nd, 10am-12pm

    Sunday October 30th, 2pm-4pm

    Sunday November 6th, 2pm-4pm

    Sunday November 13th, 6pm-8pm

    Saturday November 19th, 6pm-9pm Dress

    Sunday November 20th, Performance


    The choir won't be expected to be at the Dress until approximately 7:30pm.  The first portion is for the orchestra and soloists.  As we get closer, I can give you the exact time.


    Lastly, we could really use more tenors and basses!  Please spread the word, and encourage any choristers you know to come sing with us!  


    Looking forward to making wonderful music with you all!


    -Ryan Pagels


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  • Hey All. Hope your weekend was splendid!
    • All State was superb. 10 of our singers will continue on to Step 2. I ordered the music and hope to get it this week.
    • Stetson singers, your music is here. Let's meet during power hour to study it.
    • Ethan Bortnick singers. I have 79 singers who have turned in forms or otherwise communicated with me regarding performing this THURSDAY NIGHT. You will need a ticket to get into the Reilly Arts Center and if you are inviting a parent, they will also need a ticket. I have been issued 40 comps in addition to 80 for students. I have about 15 left. Please let me know ASAP if you want one of these.
    • Remember, you need to arrive at the Reilly Arts Center by 4:00. I will have you released from school at 3:15.
    • Address is 598 NE 9th St, Ocala, FL 34470
    • I have 50 students who have ordered food from the Hilton.
    • I must assume that those who did not submit $5 are getting their own food.
    • Remember, those who do not have concert attire, please wear black dress pants or ankle length skirts, dress black long sleeved shirts or blouses, black close toed shoes and socks or stockings--no sandals or sneakers.
    I think that is all for now.
    Mrs. A
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  • Hello All.

    Please note that there is a change on the September calendar.  The parent meeting for All State students will be held THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 at 7:00 in the chorus room not September 8.

    Thanks so much.

    Nancy Atkinson


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