• Algebra 1A, 1B and Algebra Syllabus


    The purpose of this course is to develop the algebraic concepts and processes that can be used to solve a variety of real world mathematical problems.  This is of a two year sequence of courses:  Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B. Together, the two courses meet the Algebra 1 graduation requirement.  The following are the main concepts that will be covered in this course:

    • Foundations of Algebra
    • Equations and Inequalities
    • Functions
    • Writing and Graphing Linear Equations
    • Systems of Equations
    • Exponents and Polynomials
    • Quadratics and Exponential Functions
    • Rational Expressions and Functions
    • Statistics and Data Analysis
    • Foundations of Geometry
    • Radical Functions 


    Math of College Readiness (MCR) Syllabus

    This algebra course assumes some previous basic algebra skills.  It is designed to assist students in developing skills needed for college-level algebra work.  The following main concepts will be covered in this course:

    • Basic Algebra Operations
    • Equations and Inequalities
    • Graphing Functions
    • Systems of Equations
    • Categorical and Quantitative Data
    • Polynomial Functions
    • Rational Expressions and Equations
    • Radicals and Exponential Expressions
    • Quadratic Equations



    Students need to come to class every day and must be prepared.  The required supplies for this course are:

    • 2 Spiral Notebooks 
    • Paper
    • Pencils (all work must be done in pencil)
    • Colored Pencils
    • Highlighter
    • Graph Paper
    • Calculator (basic function, not your cell phone)


    Class Grades - Breakdown

    • 50% - Tests
    • 40% - Quizzes and Classwork (includes notebook checks)
    • 10% - Homework Completion



    If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to make up the assignments and notes that were missed.  All assignments will be posted on my website as well as in the classroom.  Notes may be copied from another student's notebook, or my classroom notebook upon return.