• I-READY : located on your student's MCSB Portal

    Antunes, Daniela (Kindergarten) / Student Websites

      Weekly Expectations for both Reading and Math are a TOTAL of 50 minutes in each subject

    It is best practice for your student(s) to complete 10 minutes per day. 

    This ensures productivity that is stimulated by the process to succeed on each lesson.   

    Your students lessons will be monitored for his/her grade percentages as will he/she be rewarded for 100% in each subject.

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  • Cloud Springs Elementary: Library

    MYON READING : located on your student's MCSB Portal

    Your student will be given a list of preferred reading to enhance Social Studies and Math curriculum as well as others as needed. 

    MYON will serve as a great reading resource for the 20 minute daily reading for your student. :) 



  • FL Studies Weekly for Social Studies: Located on your student's MCSB Portal

    Studies WeeklyStudies WeeklyStudies WeeklyStudies Weekly

    Your student should follow the weekly curriculum but it is also fine to go over any/all lessons already completed for reinforecment of skills.


    Mapping My World Week 14 – Maps (G.1.2, G.1.3, G.1.4, G.1.5)Story Scavenger Hunt ·

    Cardinal Directions Week 15 – Earth (G.1.1, G.1.4, G.1.5) · Planet Earth Book · Make a Map · Be a Detective! ·

    Project Based Assignment - Earth Week 16 – Let’s Review… (Maps, Landforms, Fact and Fiction) (A.2.1, A.2.3, G.1.2, G.1.3, G.1.4) · Invent an Island · Follow the Directions · Correct the Mistakes