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    You may reach me by phone (352) 671-6820 ext. 52662 during the hours from 8:45:am -9:15am and 2:00pm-3:00pm

    Feel free to email me at anytime at michelle.hale@marion.k12.fl.us


     Course Information

    A)  Marion County Public Schools currently uses the math curriculum called GoMath.  GoMath and its accompanying resources can be accessed through an app in your student's MCPS desktop portal called ThinkCentral.  

    B)  Our Kindergarten reading instruction and language arts curriculum is commonly referred to as CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) I will post a link to the read aloud your child needs to listen to each day.  On certain days, I will have assignments posted for your child to complete after the story.  I will also provide a scanned copy or an activity for your child to continue developing their core reading skills.

    C)  Our Science curriculum is called STEMscopes.  Distance Learning lessons can be accessed here or through my web page and provide information regarding STEMscopes science activities, printables, or assessments.

    D)  Also on the MCPS desktop portal is our Social Studies Weekly App.  This is where your student will be able to access information needed for Social studies lessons, instruction, and assessments.

    E)  I-Ready is a daily learning program that our students access through the MCPS desktop portal.  Students use this self leveling program for online instruction and practice in both Reading and Math.  Each student is expected to work on this program for approximately 10-15 minutes a day in Reading and 10-15 minutes a day for Math.  Students are to required to complete at least 31 minutes or more each week in Math and at least 31 minutes in Reading each week.  Students should NOT exceed 59 minutes of I-Ready in Reading or Math.  Students may check their progress for time on task as well as lesson accuracy.  Each I-ready lesson contains an instruction component, a practice section and quiz at the end.  Please do not assist your student during the quiz as this will determine if further instruction and practice is needed or if they are ready to move on to the next lesson.  If you have any questions about I-Ready, please contact Ms. Hale.

    F)  Your MCPS desktop portal contains several reading programs that allow your student access to hundreds of online books.  MyOn is an online library that contains a number of non-fiction books as well as fiction stories.  Another program available for our kindergarten students is the Marion County Public Library app, also accessible on the MCPS desktop.  Once you click the Library app, you simply click on the CHILDREN tab on the left and on the following page you can click on the TUMBLEbooks tab.  Tumblebooks contains a number of books which will read the story aloud and students can follow along.  Both of these resources can be used to achieve the desired 20 minutes of daily reading time as suggested by the county.  In the classroom, students should be familiar with our partner read procedure.  This may need to be modified into independent reading time until we are able to resume classes as usual.