• Math (iReady)

    I Ready Lessons 

    I have added some teacher assigned math lessons that will teach the students a particular skill. After the tutorial the students will take the quiz. All students should be doing 46 minutes of I ready besides the teacher assigned lessons.

    Teacher assigned lessons include:

    • Measuring Angles (MAFS.4.MD.3.5)
    • Practice Measuring Angles (MAFS.4.MD.3.5)
    • Add and Subtract Angle Measures (MAFS.4.MD.3.7)
    • Identify Angles (MAFS.4.MD.3.5)
    • Identify Points, Lines, and Rays (MAFS.4.G.1.1)
    • Classify Qudrilaterals (MAFS.4.G.1.2)
    • Classify Triangles  (MAFS.4.G.1.2)
    • Line Symmetry (MAFS.4.G.1.3)
    • Convert Units of Time (MAFS.4.MD.1.2)
    • Solve Word Problems Involving Measurements(MAFS.4.MD.1.2)Review of 4th Grade Math Lessons
    • SPLASHLEARN Teacher Assigned Math Lessons 

    Only 3 teacher assigned lessons have to be done each week for Math iReady. It does not matter which lessons you pick.

    When you have finished all of your assigned iReady Lessons, you will be able to move to SPLASHLEARN which is another math program. Let me know through Google Classroom  that you are finished with all of my assigned lessons so I can give you your password and code to get on SPLASHLEARN. Another way to reach me is t to email me at andrea.fried@marion.k12.fl.us




  •  SCIENCE  (STEMscopes)

    Have students long into STEMscopes on their desktop. 

    The assessment is the only grade I take for science.

    1. Always start with reading the vocabulary for each skill.
    2. Then read STEMcopedia.
    3. Finally  take the quiz or assessment. (Graded)



    April 27-Plants' and Animals'Impact on Their Environment 4.L.17.4

    May 4 -May 10- Seasonal Changes of Florida's Organisms 4.L.17.1

    The next assignments are articles and questions ONLY.

    May 11-May 17- Trees of Florida 4.L.17.1 (Artcle and Questions in STEMscopes)

    May 18- May 24- Opossum Creek 4.L.17.4 ( Article and Questions in Stemscopes)

    May 25- May 31- The Stages of a Butterfly's Life 4.L.16.1 ( Article and Questions in STEMscopes)