• 2019-2020   Schedule for Ms. DeBetta's Class                                                             

    7:45-8:15  Breakfast

    8:15-8:30  Group        

    8:30-9:10  Center Rotations                     

    9:10-9:40  Adaptive PE

    9:40-11:40  Center Roations

    11:40-12:10  Lunch

    12:20-12:40  Recess

    12:40-1:40  Center Rotations

    *1:05-1:35  *Art - Mon. & Tues., *Music - Thurs. & Fri.

    1:40-2:00  Social Skills

    2:05  Dismissal


  • August 12, 2019


    School Supplies for Students in Ms. DeBetta’s Class


    2 boxes of tissues

    1 box of wax crayons

    1 container Disinfecting Wipes for surfaces (ex. Chlorax, Lysol, etc.)

    1 container Hand Sanitizing Wipes (ex. Wet Ones, Hand Wipes)

    2 glue sticks

    4 pencils

    1 Magic Eraser Sponge (ex. Mr. Clean)


    Please send a package of one of the following to use as edible reinforcers in class:

    Goldfish crackers






    If required, please send a change of clothes and toileting items

    (ex. diapers or pull ups and wipes)


    Wish List


    If you happen to have an extra set of inexpensive headphones at home, please send them in for your student to use at the computer center and at the listening center.


    Thank you.