Class Expectations 2020-21


    RULES- Be safe…Be kind…Be responsible

    1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself unless instructed otherwise.
    2. Play with integrity and honesty.
    3. Be kind to yourself, classmates, and teachers.
    4. Follow all directions at all times.
    5. Stop, look, and listen when you hear the stop signal (whistle).
    6. No screaming.



    1. 1st Time Offense – verbal warning.
    2. 2nd Time Offense - time out (walk 1 lap). The student must reflect and respond to what they did wrong and how they will correct their behavior to meet SHE’s Big 3.
    3. 3rd Time Offense - time out for the remainder of the P.E. period. An Uh-Oh slip will be sent how with the student followed by a phone call to the parents.
    4. Repeated Disruptions - call to parents and student will be sent to the discipline office.
    5. Severe Disruption – Discipline office notified.
    6. Due to safety, students who do not wear tennis shoes to PE will not be able to participate. This will affect their overall grade.



    1. (NEW) Once you arrive to class, WAIT UNTIL I instruct you to remove your mask safely
      1. Make sure your mask is clipped to your lanyard and then place your mask inside of your shirt.
      2. No face shields are allowed in PE class.
    2. (NEW) One by one, students will be released to run their warm-up lap around the track. One class will be instructed to run our separate track inside of the soccer field. YOU MUST STAY IN YOUR LANE, UNLESS YOU ARE PASSING ANOTHER STUDENT!!!
    3. (NEW) You will need to take their water bottles with them while they run/jog their warm-up lap.
    4. (NEW) You will report to a volleyball number or poly spot, set your water bottle down in your area, and wait for the rest of the class to finish their warm-up lap.
    5. We will begin stretching/warm-up as well as discuss the learning goal and activity for the day.
    6. DO NOT TOUCH THE EQUIPMENT UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO! If you cannot respect our equipment and the rules that apply you will be removed from the activity.
    7. (NEW) Once you are done with the equipment, place it in the appropriate area designated by the teacher in order to be sanitized. This area has a sign - CLEANING AREA.
    8. (NEW) COOL DOWN AREA: Sit at your designated spot, put your facemask on and cool-down under the tree and wait for your classroom teacher to arrive to class. When your teacher arrives, walk in your line with your teacher following the school-wide social distancing rules.



    • SAFETY IS OUR #1 CONCERN IN PE CLASS!!!! Our goal is to make sure all students are safe and engaged during our class.
    • All equipment will be disinfected with County approved solution between classes. Equipment that is not disinfected will be removed from the activity and cleaned later.
    • Face shields are not allowed in PE class, they have their own safety risks during a variety of activities.
    • Students MUST WEAR tennis shoes to class. Students who come to class wearing sandals or open toed shoes will not be allowed to participate in class.


    1. Students will follow social distancing guidelines during PE class set by the County and CDC. Students are not required to wear their face mask in class, but may wear the mask if preferred.
    2. Students will sanitize their hands before and after PE class. GEL IN – GEL OUT!!


    MCPSonline Students

    Your assignments will be posted on my Microsoft Teams platform.

    • Weekly Assignments will be posted at the beginning of the week.
    • 1 day of skill development – follow the 30 minute Virtual gym lesson
    • 2 days of physical activity – follow the Fitness Activity sheet
    • Resources to be used
    • PowerPoint of skill/sport/activity
    • Video demonstration
    • Skills check-off sheet
    • Discussion Questions*