• We will be utilizing GOOGLE CLASSROOM to share ALL assignments. 

    Please make sure you are connected as we are set to begin on Wednesday, April 1st. 


    Students need to know their passwords for:


    Reflex Math (teacher username is alane313)

    If they do not, please reach out to me and I will be happy to assist them.


    Special Areas:

    Please check out the Art, Music, and PE assignments and opportunities on the websites of the following teachers’ pages.

    Art – Cavalier

    Music – Collins

    PE – Michael or Paul


    AR Quizzes at Home

    Students can now take AR test from home!!

    Their USERNAME is: Lunch Number

    PASSWORD is: birth month and the digits of birth year.   

    (For example if their birthday was in October of 2011, they would type in 102011)

    Link: AR Quiz Link