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Music Basic Info, Assignments Info, and Grading Info

  • Each grade level has one music assignment every 3 weeks, with updated weekly tutorials, for all students at Shady Hill. During distance learning, students receive one music academic grade every three weeks. Their music academic grade will be an average of their work on their music assignment during each three-week period.


    For more information on your child's specific Music class virtual music assignments by grade level, please click on the following link below or in the menu to the left (under "Music Classes and Assignments"):

    Kindergarten Music 

    1st Grade Music

    2nd Grade Music

    3rd Grade Music

    4th Grade Music

    5th Grade Music


    Music is a required core subject and follows the Florida Music Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, the Marion County Public Schools Music Curriculum Guides/Curriculum Maps/Curriculum Scope and Sequence, and the National Music and Fine Arts Standards. 


    In order to receive a Meeting ("M") music academic grade, a student must exhibit a willingness to learn, sing, play, and move in music class (or on music virtual assignments). A Meeting grade in academic music (and in academic music virtual assignments) indicates that the student is at the appropriate developmental level of music knowledge, as well as meeting grade level standards and expectations. A Progressing ("P") music academic grade indicates that the student is still progressing towards the appropriate developmental level and grade level standards and expectations. In order to receive a Satisfactory ("S") music conduct grade, a student must exhibit a consistently positive attitude while participating in all music activities (and music virtual assignments) and following all music and school-wide expectations.


Shady Hill Music Basic Info

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