Music K-5th at Shady Hill

Spring Fine Arts Fling, Virtual Edition!

  • spring fling

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  • The time has come! Your Shady Hill Spring Fine Arts Fling is online and ready to enjoy! Click this below link to find our virtual Spring Fling:
    The virtual Spring Fling had multiple technical difficulties sharing with you in the past few days. We have finally resolved these issues and are proud to share this amazing event with you. Thank you very much for your patience!
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Music Distance Learning

  • Welcome to Music Distance Learning! Our music distance learning started Wednesday, April 1st.


    There are music assignments with updated weekly tutorials for all students at Shady Hill in the "Music Classes and Assignments" tab in my music website menu, per grade level (links also posted below, scroll down). And there is a Daily Music Challenge for fun (posted on the right), that is a GREAT WAY to start your day, for those of you that just can't get enough music in your life! Also, there's a Where's Arpeggio? daily column for fun (posted below, scroll down), because we knew you were wondering what he was up to! And for 5 weeks we held some awesome grade level SH Family Music Dance Parties, that were optional BUT SO FUN, on Zoom (our dance parties have now concluded for the school year).


    Distance Learning School hours: 7:45 am - 2:05 pm

    Music Office hours: 10:00 am - 11:00 am 

                                1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


    Contact information:

    Call/text me: on my Google Voice number 352-462-1496

    Message me: on your Music Seesaw account

    E-mail me:

    Email Music Teacher

Where's Arpeggio?

  • You may have been wondering lately, "Where's Arpeggio?" and "What's Arpeggio up to?" So he and I decided to make his own daily column! 

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  • Day Nineteen 5/29/20: I'M READY!!!! ARE YOU???!!!! TONIGHT AT 7PM! ON THIS WEBSITE!!


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  • Day Eighteen 5/28/20: Is it summer yet???!!!


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  • Day Seventeen 5/27/20: Take time to stop and smell the flowers!


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  • Day Sixteen 5/26/20: CONGRATULATIONS 5th grade graduates!! Today is your day!


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  • Day Fifteen 5/22/20: Yep, I want it THIS way.


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  • Day Fourteen 5/21/20: Does this count as using this bowl as an instrument?


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  • Day Thirteen 5/20/20: Are you my friend???.... (kinda looks like me.....)


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  • Day Twelve 5/19/20: That is the best museum exhibit ever created!!! <paws applause>


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  • Day Eleven 5/18/20: My view for our Shady Hill parade....I wonder if this will be my view today at the Shady Hill belongings pick-up...


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  • Day Ten 5/15/20: Uuuhhhh.....back away verrrrrry sloooooowly.....

    arpeggio & bear encounter

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  • Day Nine 5/14/20: Whheeeeeeeee!!!!!


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  • Day Eight 5/13/20: The dark is scary!


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  • Day Seven 5/12/20: Just hanging out...


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  • Day Six 5/11/20: Soooooo tired....Mondays....ugh...


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  • Day Five 5/8/20: Whoa. I can't even. I AM SITTING NEXT TO MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arpeggio and Mickey

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  • Day Four 5/7/20: Time to make some music!


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  • Day Three 5/6/20: Get. Me. Out!


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  • Day Two 5/5/20: Breakfast time!


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  • Day One 5/4/20: Trying to take a selfie for you....

    Arpeggio selfie

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Music Assignments

  • Quote credit: Plato

Music Mission and Goal

  • The mission of the Shady Hill Music program is to provide a quality and comprehensive music education to all students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. This music education includes singing, playing instruments, moving to music, creating music, performing music, music appreciation, music history, music reading and notating, and much more.  Above all, the overall goal for Shady Hill students is to not only become better musicians and better performing artists, but better human beings. Your elementary student will learn to create and appreciate music in ways that will last a lifetime.

  • Mrs. Collins

Daily Music Challenge!!

  • The Daily Music Challenge is a fun way to expand your musical artistry and put a little music in each day!

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  • greatest show

    Day Forty-Two 5/29/20: Today is our last Daily Music Challenge of the school year.

    And it's a tribute to all of you (click the link below)!

    The Greatest Showman: From Now On

    "But when I stop and see you here, I remember who all this was for!"

    The moral of the story - even when you think you can't sing, sing anyway.

    Shady Hill IS the greatest show, and "we will come back home, we will come back home, home again." And what a glorious day that will be.

    Until then, family. #wearefamily

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  • olaf

    Day Forty-One 5/28/20: Is it summer YET?!?!

    Olaf: In Summer

    While we are all looking forward to our summer starting soon, don't forget that we still have some AWESOME celebrations happening this week - like our virtual Spring Fine Arts Fling TOMORROW night! 

    Need some more Olaf today?? Check out this link below for Olaf's musical creation during distance learning (once you hit link, scroll down on the right hand menu of videos for "Music Time").

    Olaf: Music Time

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  • wicked

    Day Forty 5/27/20: Our daily music challenge comes today from a famous Broadway musical. It's posted in honor of every person on the front lines and all essential workers - thank you.

    But also today, Shady Hill family, in honor of all of you.

    Wicked the Musical: For Good

    You have truly changed me. For Good. And hopefully our Shady Hill family has also done that for you, too. Thanks, family.


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  • high school musical

    Day Thirty-Nine 5/26/20: You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so...get on your way!! (Dr. Seuss)

    5th grade graduates - today's Daily Music Challenge is dedicated to you (click link below)!! 

    Disney Family Singalong: High School Musical Cast "We're All in This Together"

    5th grade - don't EVER forget that we are all in this together and that we are FAMILY!

    Now listen to some incredible words of wisdom from some truly amazing people (click link below).

    Some Good News Graduation: Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Jon Stewart, and Malala

    You can't get any better than that. Wow. Take those words to heart. I cannot WAIT to see your bright futures and what you have in store for the world. I am so proud of you!


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  • backstreet boys

    Day Thirty-Eight 5/22/20: Missing learning in school with your friends and your teachers? Missing our instruments and music room? Finding yourself "wanting it that way?" Here's a Friday dedication to all of you that "want it that way" (click the link below).

    Jimmy Fallon, Backstreet Boys, & The Roots on Classroom Instruments

    Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, partnered with The Backstreet Boys, used our usual elementary music classroom instruments and their voices to create this music. What song can you re-create this weekend using what you have at home? What song depicts your feelings for what you're missing and what you want right now?

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  • glass harp

    Day Thirty-Seven 5/21/20: Let's take a look at more house-hold items used as instruments (click the link below)! Take a look at the main video on this channel (Bolero Glass Harp Orchestra), but also check out some of the other music videos on this musician's channel, too!

    Robert Tiso Glass Harp Orchestra

    This time different water levels in glasses are used to create different pitch sounds (by rubbing the top of the glasses). This is science creating music! What every-day item can you use to create music today?

    And as always, don't forget to ask a family member what you can use as an instrument, before you use it!

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  • wow voices of liberty

    Day Thirty-Six 5/20/20: Here's another fabulous music performing group from Walt Disney World, the Voices of Liberty. This group performs in the American Adventure Pavilion of EPCOT's World Showcase, and today they bring two great reminders of our friends with some Disney classic friendship songs (click the link). #VoicesFromHome

    WDW Voices of Liberty

    If you could sing your friends a song today, what would it be??? 

    #youvegotafriendinShadyHill #youvegotafriendinMrsCollins

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  • sub

    Day Thirty-Five 5/19/20: It's another Field Trip Tuesday!

    Today we take a trip to the most well-known museum in America - our set of national museums, the Smithsonian Institute. The National Museum of American History portion of the Smithsonian, located in Washington D.C., is home to more than 1.8 million objects and more than three shelf-miles of archival collections. On behalf of the nation, they preserve and share this extraordinary national collection encompassing everything from the original Star-Spangled Banner to Abraham Lincoln’s top hat. The National Musuem of American History helps people understand the past in order to make sense of the present and shape a more humane future.

    We visit this section of the Smithsonian today with the goal of visiting a very specific exhibit, The Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag That Inspired the National Anthem (click the link below).

    The National Museum of American History: The Star-Spangled Banner

    Those pictures are our ACTUAL flag, the very one that Mr. Key (the composer) saw flying over Ft. McHenry when he wrote our National Anthem. That flag still lives in this museum, and when our musuems and our country re-opens, people will once again visit this over 200-year old flag. How cool is that?!?!

    Now make sure to check out the online version of this exhibit, for even more cool history and background on our National Anthem and this flag that inspired it (click link below).

    The National Museum of American History: The Star-Spangled Banner Online Exhibit

    What type of music from this pandemic (or object that inspired music during this pandemic) will be in one of our national museums in 200 years? What do you think people will go visit in the future in the Smithsonian, that inspired great music today?

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  • olaf

    Day Thirty-Four 5/18/20: Are you excited to see everyone at Shady Hill today at the car rider line belongings pick-up? We are SO EXCITED to see you!! 

    Even if you cannot make it today, remember, we are always with you (because we are family, of course!).

    Check out this song that Olaf created during his social distance time at home (click the link).

    Disney Magic Moments: At Home With Olaf, I Am With You

    What song can you create about your time at home? We will always be with you, Shady Hill family.

    #Iamwithyouwiththismusic #wearefamily #seeyarealsoon

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  • star wars

    Day Thirty-Three 5/15/20: Dum, dum, dum, duh da duh, duh da duh!

    Here's Jimmy Fallon and his band The Roots again, this time creating VERY popular tunes from a VERY popular movie series (click the link).

    Jimmy Fallon and The Roots: Star Wars Medley

    Who says you need background music, or instruments, or body percussion, or even words?!?!

    Sometimes music can simply be created with your voice singing pitches in rhythm, on non-sense syllables.

    What famous music can YOU re-create today?

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  • seuss rap

    Day Thirty-Two 5/14/20: A while ago (Day Seven 4/9) we had a post about a Dr. Seuss book turned into a rap. Well, for the past month, this man has still been rapping (click the link below).

    One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Dr. Seuss Raps over Dr. Dre Beats

    What book can you turn into a rap today? What else can you turn into a rap today?

    ...Trash goes out. Trash goes out! Stinky, smelly, makes me pout!!...

    Go rap out your day!!

    *Want some extra rapping help? Don't forget about all the rapping and lyrics writing tutorials on your music page (under your music assignments).

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  • glow dance

    Day Thirty-One 5/13/20: Time to DANCE! Grab your family, tape on some glow sticks, and turn off the lights (click the link below)!

    Glow Stick Figure Dance

    What cool dance moves like this could you create (or maybe even a whole dance routine) to go with your music creations from assignments #1 and #2? 

    Or you could even use that awesome jam music from one of our past posts (Day Twenty-One 4/29)!

    Little Kids Rock: Jam Along

    Pick any track that you like and then dance away!

    Go get up and dance, Shady Hill family!

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  • beatles

    Day Thirty 5/12/20: Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

    Today is another Field Trip Tuesday - this time to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame serves to engage, teach, and inspire others through the power of rock and roll. Whether it's through exhibits, innovative programming, or special events and concerts featuring artists and Inductees, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is proud to serve as a touchpoint for the community to find inspiration through rock and roll music.

    We are headed back in time to 1988, the year one of the most famous and influential rock and roll bands in music's history was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The Beatles, an English rock band during the late 1950s-1970, changed the sound and face of music, for all time. The music we listen to today on the radio is directly influenced and created from amazing musicians and music like from The Beatles.

    Check out the induction online exhibit, and most importantly, scroll the bottom menu line of videos under the induction video to find "Let it Be" (click the link). This song, a beautiful ballad with meaningful lyrics, is one of the most well-known songs by this group. It also speaks to us today.

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: The Beatles

    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

    Now let's take a look at a related link - a moment where the composer talks with talk show host James Corden in his "Carpool Karaoke" about his intent when creating this music (click the link).

    James Corden & Paul McCartney - Let it Be

    What music has moved you to tears recently? And what can you "let be" recently? 

    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

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  • Disney

    Day Twenty-Nine 5/11/20: A new week and a new mindset!

    It is time again for another Shady Hill family Disney Singalong!! If you missed it last night, here's your chance to check out the second installment of Disney Singalongs that aired as a TV special (click the link below).

    Remember to sit/stand up straight (for more air) and do a few singing voice warm-ups (ride a singing roller coaster) before you begin! And don't forget to sing along!!

    Disney Family Singalong Volume II: A Whole New World

    Distance learning has CERTAINLY been a whole new world for all of us. And yet, family, we are making it through. What can you look at with a "new fantastic point of view" today? Use this song as your motto for the day, and create a whole new world for yourself, family.

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  • wow

    Day Twenty-Eight 5/8/20: Today is a tribute to our own Shady Hill Harmony.

    This year, for the second year in a row, The Shady Hill Harmony turned in a 25 minute audition video and multi-page audition packet to perform at Walt Disney World. Many schools audition to do this, and not every school is chosen. For the second year in a row, your Shady Hill Harmony was chosen to perform at Walt Disney World, on the Disney Springs Marketplace stage (and to also enjoy a fun visit to the Magic Kingdom). Our performance day and time was tomorrow, Saturday May 9th at 6:15 PM. 

    Clearly, plans have changed and this year's Disney performance trip is cancelled. But undeniably these 95 amazing students and their hard work deserve to be celebrated and recognized.

    In celebration of you, Shady Hill Harmony, let's all watch the night-time fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom (click the link below). Make sure to close the blinds and turn off all the lights to watch this amazing show.

    WDW Magic Kingdom: Happily Ever After Fireworks Show

    Congratulations Harmony!!! The incredible feat of being invited to perform at Walt Disney World is still amazing and should be celebrated, even if it didn't end the way we want it to. I am so proud of you Harmony - not only for this, but for the excellent performing you have done all year. 

    Coincidentally, this show is the PERFECT example of music and art telling a story. Now go tell YOUR story in your music and art assignments. 

    Reach out and find your happily ever after.

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  • beatbox cups

    Day Twenty-Seven 5/7/20: Another Kaboom Percussion favorite (see the past few weeks' posts about Kaboom Percussion - Day 12, Day 17, & Day 22). Today is back to creating music with cups, but also some AMAZING beat boxing added in (using your mouth to create sounds and music).

    Kaboom Percussion: Cups vs Beatbox

    Yes, ALL those sounds came from his mouth and the cups! That was NOT created by a computer but all voice and a home-made instrument! 

    What can YOU do to add something 'extra' to your special music creation for Assignment #2? Beat boxing, dancing, home-made instrument playing, rapping, singing...the possiblities for music creation are endless. Time to have some fun creating!

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  • Owl City

    Day Twenty-Six 5/6/20: Mid-week, close to our special music and art assignments due dates, mountains and mountains of reading and math work, and right about now we're really missing school and our friends.

    Here's a pick-me-up today, for a little musical inspiration (click the link below).

    Owl City: When Can I See You Again?

    What does this song say? What could you say through your music creation for special Assignment #2?

    Remember, it's just a matter of time before we learn how to fly... Have hope, Shady Hill family. Soon we will fly again.


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    Day Twenty-Five 5/5/20: Another Field Trip Tuesday is here! This time we venture to a music museum, instead of a performing stage. What museum could be filled with more rich, musical greatness, than the GRAMMY Museum. The GRAMMY Museum explores and celebrates the enduring legacies of all forms of music, the creative process, the art and technology of the recording process, and the history of the GRAMMY awards, the premier recognition of recorded music accomplishment.

    We step back in time to re-visit an exhibit that this Museum hosted in 2017, about a jazz singer legend, the infamous Ella Fitzgerald (click the link below). You'll learn amazing things in this exhibit - like Ella was the first African-American woman to win a GRAMMY and earned a total of 13 GRAMMYs in her career!! As you read about her and her musical legacy, make sure to continue to the end of the exhibit page, where there is a small collection of her most famous vocal jazz recordings. Scroll through the listening list to Number 20 (It Don't Mean a Thing) and Number 21 (Jazz Samba), and click on their titles to take a listen.

     The GRAMMY Museum: Revisit Ella at 100

    Note that these two recordings were made entirely of scat singing (using nonsense syllables to sing and make your voice sound like an instrument). What nonsense can you turn into song today with your voice? What scat singing and random words could you add to your music creation for Assignment #2? How can your regular, every-day routines turn into song?

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  • Gonna Be May

    Day Twenty-Four 5/4/20: Let's start our week off with a laugh and a little inspiration. Here is one family's version of a music video creation during this distance learning time (click the link below).

    The Holderness Family: It's Gonna Be May

    What fun music video can YOU create about distance learning? How can your music creation respresent YOUR 2019-2020 school year?

    Remember, you have one week left to finish your special music creation for assignment #2, and you will want it to be your best work (Mrs. Cavalier and I have special plans for these music and art creations!). There are lots of awesome ideas within these daily music challenges and on your grade level music pages. Get to creating, and remember it IS already May! Now go make the best of it and have some music fun!

    #gonnabemay #itISmay

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  • Safety Dance

    Day Twenty-Three 5/1/20: It's time for another awesome hit by Jimmy Fallon and his band, The Roots (see previous post from Day Ten 4/14 for more!). Check out The Roots' use of home-made instruments at the beginning - using strategic use of door closings at certain times, spray bottles spraying at certain times, and even hand washing and book page turning (click on link below)! EVERYTHING is an instrument and EVERYTHING can make music!

    Jimmy Fallon and The Roots: Safety Dance with First Responders

    What music can you CREATE at home this weekend? What types of inventive music creation can you make on our special project (Assignment #2) with house-hold items? How could YOU thank our first responders and essential workers that have done such important work for us all while keeping us safe?

    It's time for some fam jam this weekend, on your music assignment. As always, ask before using something as an instrument. And don't forget - WE CAN DANCE!!

    #safetydance #togetherathome #thankyoufirstresponders

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  • Bucket Drumming

    Day Twenty-Two 4/30/20: It's Kaboom Percussion again! Two weeks ago we started to create music with cups, last week we created music on tables (see past two week's Kaboom Percussion daily challenges). This week we will find some buckets in the garage or backyard (or even ones that hold your toys?) and create music with bucket drumming (click on link below)!

    Kaboom Percussion: Bucket Drumming!

    Don't have any drumsticks? No problem! How about some kitchen utensils (that Mom is okay with you using, of course)? Or some un-sharpened pencils? Or even two toothbrushes or hair brushes?

    What music can YOU create with some buckets? How could this add in to your music creation assignment (or become your music creation)? 

    And remember, always ask an adult first before using something as a bucket to drum on! ;-)

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  • Little Kids Rock

    Day Twenty-One 4/29/20: Missing making music with your classmates and your grade level? Me, too. It's time to virtually jam, like we are all together! Just pretend these jam tracks are us all together in our music room. Pick a track and hit play (click the link below first). Then grab your home-made instruments, bust out your newest dance moves, or pull out your newly created song lyrics, and play and sing and dance along!

    Little Kids Rock: Jam Along

    How have these jam tracks inspired you to create some more music for your music creation assignment? Don't forget, our Asssignment #2 is a special assignment, and doing your best on it is super important. So get to work on creating some awesome music. I can't wait to hear it and see it!

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  •  Lincoln Center

    Day Twenty 4/28/20: It's virtual Field Trip Tuesday again! Today we take a trip to New York City and to another one of the most famous stages and places to perform music in our country, The Lincoln Center. The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts serves as the world’s leading presenter of superb artistic programming, as well as a national leader in arts education and community relations. The Lincoln Center houses the performing stages for the Metropolitan Opera, the NY Philharmonic Orchestra, the NY City Ballet, and many more amazing music performing organizations and schools.

    Now let's watch Music from the Sole from The Lincoln Center, a group that uses dance to create music! If you can take a few extra minutes today, it is HIGHLY suggested to watch the entire show (they are awesome!). But if you can only watch part of it, start at minute 13:17.

    Lincoln Center: Music from the Sole

    How can YOU create some dance moves or body percussion from your online music creation? Or could you create some music from your dancing and body percussion? How could they complement each other, and go hand in hand to make a great performance?

    #concertsforkids #lincolncenterathome

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  • Body Drumset

    Day Nineteen 4/27/20: How was rapping out your weekend?? How many times did you use your slogan? (see Friday's 4/24 post) #GAMETIME

    Let's start off our week with a strong beat, using our body. 

    Little Kids Rock: Body Drumset

    What rhythms and beats can you create on your body today? How can these rhythms add in to your music creation assignment? And could your slogan even go with your body percussion?

    This same video tutorial set to help you with body percussion rhythms is on your grade level music page, under your assignment.

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  •  Game Time

    Day Eighteen 4/24/20: It's time to kick this up a notch! Get ready to start to learn some awesome new tips and tricks for writing lyrics for a rap, song, or even a simple slogan (click the link)!

    Little Kids Rock: Hip Hop Basics, Slogans

    If you didn't already notice, a slogan is very similar to a hashtag. So what is YOUR slogan for this school year?? What slogan do you think this last quarter of distance learning should have? 

    It's GAME TIME, Shady Hill!! Get to creating some awesome music this weekend! #gametime #wearefamily

    This same video tutorial set to help you write lyrics is on your grade level music page, under your assignment.

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  • Tables

    Day Seventeen 4/23/20: It's another great day for Kaboom Percussion! Last week we looked at their variations on the cup game. Today, it's time for some fun music creation with nothing other than your body and tables (click link below)!

    Kaboom Percussion: Tables!

    What can YOU create with your body and some tables?? How could this add in to your music creation assignment?

    Remember -  experimenting is the best way to create! And as always, make sure to ask family when would be a good time to use a table as an instrument!

    *Want to learn their table rhythms? Here's a link to all the Tables! tutorials for each rhythm they perform: 

    Kaboom Percussion: Tables! Tutorials

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  • Magic Happens

    Day Sixteen 4/22/20: Today we go behind the scenes with a music composer! Todrick Hall, the composer of the music for the newest Disney parade that just debuted at Disneyland in CA earlier this spring, talks about his joy of creating music (click the link and find video in middle of new page).

    Disney Parks: Creating Music for 'Magic Happens'

    What inspiration does this music composer give YOU, for your own music creation assignment? How would you feel if your own music creation played for a famous parade (maybe even a Disney parade) one day?

    Piqued your interest and now you want to see this newest parade? Enjoy! (click the link)

    Disney Parks: Virtual Viewing of 'Magic Happens'

    #magichappens #ifyoujustbelieve

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  • The Kennedy Center

    Day Fifteen 4/21/20: Today is virtual Field Trip Tuesday! We are taking a trip to one of the most famous stages and places to perform music in America, The Kennedy Center. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, located in Washington D.C., is a vibrant cultural hub that connects thousands of artists with millions of people each year.

    Today we will also travel back in time to 2012, when a Grammy-award winning composer, singer, and performer, Mr. Bobby McFerrin created music in the middle of a concert.

    The Kennedy Center: Bobby McFerrin Improvises LIVE

    Bobby McFerrin performed with nonsense syllables and sounds from his voice (scat singing) and body percussion (using his body as an instrument). And he did this all on the spot (improvisation), in front of (and even with) the choir on stage behind him and the audience in front of him. What words and nonsense syllables can you turn into music today? What type of music can you create on the spot?

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  •  One World

    Day Fourteen 4/20/20: This weekend news came that Florida schools will finish out our school year through distance learning. So today's Daily Music Challenge is a simple one - watch this awesome clip (click link below) from this weekend's One World: Together at Home TV music special and be inspired. The musician is one many of us have studied a lot this year already, the incomparable and legendary Stevie Wonder.

    One World: Stevie Wonder's Lean on Me

    You are missed and you are loved. And remember - you can lean on me and all your other Shady Hill family. We are here for you. Now let's make the best of it and make some awesome music together in the coming weeks.

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  • Disney

    Day Thirteen 4/17/20: Okay Shady Hill family, it's time for a family sing-along, Disney style! If you missed last night's awesome Disney Family Singalong on ABC, here's your chance to check out a Mary Poppins classic sung by a very popular country music group (click the link). And get ready to sing along, family!!!

    Disney Family Singalong - Spoonful of Sugar

    "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job's a game!"

    What can you turn into a game today? What every-day task can you make fun? What can you turn into a song today? Go find your fun today, family.

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  • Kaboom Percussion

    Day Twelve 4/16/20: Time to play with cups!! Check out this classic cup game, with a twist (actually MANY twists!), by my fav percussionists, Kaboom Percussion (click link below):

    Kaboom Percussion: Good Cup/Bad Cup

    They start with the original "cup game" (found in places like the movie, Pitch Perfect) and then created new fun twists (variations) to it. What musical performances can YOU create with cups??

    Please notice - the cups used are plastic, NOT glass. And as always, ask Mom and Dad what can be used for this cup fun!

    *Want to learn their variations? Here's a link to all the CUPS tutorials for each variation they perform: 

    Kaboom Percussion: Cups Tutorials

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  • Dapper Dans

    Day Eleven 4/15/20: Time to check out another Disney group making music from home, The Dapper Dans, from Main Street, USA, at WDW's Magic Kingdom (click the link)! #VoicesFromHome #SeeYaRealSoon

    WDW Dapper Dans

    There IS a great, big, beautiful tomorrow. What are your hopes for tomorrow and the future? Go back to school? See your friends face to face? Go to a movie? Go see family? Go out to eat?

    If you could write a song about what your hopes for tomorrow are, what would YOUR song say?

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  • justin timberlake

    Day Ten 4/14/20: Remember last week we took a look at using items around the house as instruments (see Day Six post)? Here is another GREAT example by Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon of using your mouth (beat boxing!), your body, and every-day house-hold items as instruments (hit link below):

    Quarantine Remix with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon

    What can you use around your house as an instrument? How can this add in to your Music Assignment of creating music on the Chrome Music Lab? Time to create more music from home! Everything is an instrument!

    And as always, make sure to ask mom and dad before using something as an instrument!

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  • dance

    Day Nine 4/13/20: Today marks exactly one month since we have seen each other face to face. We miss you. We love you.

    We can't always choose the music life plays for us. This past month clearly was no one's choice. But we can choose how we dance to it. We can choose how we use this time, how we feel about this time, and how we dance to it.

    In celebration of our health and our time together online, go dance today. Create a dance party for your family at home. Sometimes, you just need to dance it out. 

    Need some dancing inspiration? Here ya go:

    Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling!

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  • words fail music speaks

    Day Eight 4/10/20: Sometimes music can help people "speak" their feelings, their emotions, and even what they are carrying on their hearts. Watch this 2016 cover of Michael Jackson's hit "Heal the World," by some awesome prodigy children musicians/artists (click link below). #loveheals #musicheals

    Michael Jackson's Tribute - Heal the World - Child Prodigy Cover

    It may have been almost 4 years ago, but this "speaks" to our world right now. How does it "speak" to you? How can you use music to "speak" to others?

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  • fox in sox

    Day Seven 4/9/20: Fox in Sox!! Time to watch an AH-MAZ-ING rap of a classic Dr. Seuss book (hit the link below)! #foxinsox #trending

    Fox in Sox: Dr. Seuss Raps over Dr. Dre Beats

    What rap can you make from a favorite book of yours? Could you create something like this to go with your Chrome Music Lab music creation? Have fun trying to rap out your day!

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  • JAMMitors

    Day Six 4/8/20: Check out the Disney JAMMitors, playing from home (hit the below link)! #VoicesFromHome

    Disney JAMMitors

    What can you find around home to use as an instrument?? Pots, pans, buckets?? Pencils as drumsticks on a table? Time to create some musical magic at home!! Everything is an instrument!

    Make sure, of course, to ask mom and dad before using something as an instrument!

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  • Name Challenge

    Day Five 4/7/20: Name Challenge! Name a band/artist/musician/composer for each letter of your name! (And you can't look on iTunes for ideas!)

    Here's mine:

    M - Mozart

    R - Raffi

    S - Sting

    C - Cecilia Bartoli

    O - Owl City

    L - Lauren Daigle

    L - Luke Bryant

    I - Imagine Dragons

    N - Nashville Children's Choir

    S - Sister Hazel

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  • Front Door

    Day Four 4/6/20: Make believe that every time you stepped outside you had to sing a song. If you had a "walking out of the house" song that you started to sing each time you left your house, what would it be? Why is that YOUR "going out" song? What would your song say?

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  • music on balcony

    Day Three 4/3/20: People all across the world have been turning to music to help them through this time. Italians have been singing and playing on their balconies, Americans just put on a beautiful tribute concert called the "iHeart Concert for America" to raise money for coronavirus relief, and so many more have used music to help them through each day at home (maybe even you???). 

    What ways have you (or could you) use music to help you? What music do YOU turn to in times like these?

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  • wash hands

    Day Two 4/2/20: Did you know that you should be washing your hands for at least 20 seconds (the length of singing the song "Happy Birthday" twice!) to kill germs? Anyone also tired of singing "Happy Birthday"?!?!

    Come up with another song that YOU think we should sing for 20 seconds every time we wash our hands and teach your family members your new "hand washing song!"

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  • Hunt

    Day One 4/1/20: New Virtual "Music Classroom" website Scavenger Hunt! Complete the scavenger hunt of this new online music classroom by finding:

    • At least 3 videos of Arpeggio (there are really 6!) 
    • Mrs. Collins singing "We Are Family"
    • Pictures of your AWESOME Shady Hill Specials team
    • 7 Mrs. Collins bitmojis doing crazy musical things
    • Our Shady Hill family "Greatest Show" music video
    • Your grade level music assignment for this week
    • 5th grade student bonus: 5th grade secret handshake


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