•      All online courses will be delivered using the Microsoft Teams application.  There will be live academic lessons followed by student work in Unique Learning Systems, which will be linked to your student's team page.  Students will also receive instruction in performing arts and physical education as well. As this class consists of students from multiple grade levels, who have different learning styles, we must be extremely flexible to accomodate individual needs.  I promise to do my best to make this work for your students! 

         Per district expectations, students must be participating in each period in order to receive credit.  Daily attendance by class will be taken to document class participation.  I will not be scheduling assignments that require you to print or purchase materials.  I provided each student with the materials we will need to complete our morning meeting.  They can be located in the large envelope that is attached to your student's folder.  The rest of our course work will likely be done in the Unique Learning System, which is interactive and accessible on both traditional computers and tablets (my students tend to like this option better because of the touch screen). 

         This is new for all of us, and I hope to make it go as smoothly as can be expected.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.