• Math

    Unit 2 Multiplication and Division

    Key learning for this unit: to use multiple strategies to solve multiplication and division problems.

    Unit Essential Question: How can different strategies be used to help me multiply and divide?

    The focus for this unit is conceptual and will be on multiple strategies and not the standard algorithms for multiplication and division.

    The past 2 weeks we have learned about comparison multiplication statements- times as many- and finding the unknown quantity through models. We have also learned how to multiply whole numbers times ten's, hundreds, and thousands using base ten blocks, number lines and basic facts. Last week we focused on the multiplication properties and learned how to use arrays to decompose factors.

    This week the strategies we will be learning is to estimate products by rounding to check for reasonable exact answers; using expanded form, area models, and partial products to multiply multi-digits by one digits; and multi-step multiplication word problems using models, diagrams and equations.



    We have finished the Nature of Science Unit and are now in The Properties of Matter unit. 

    On Friday of last week, September 11, we conducted an investigation classifying properties classroom objects. Next we will study in-depth the properties including mass and volume.