• I will be listing assignments for all students. Most assignments will apply to every student in class. For individual grade levels or students, I will label the assignment accordingly. For instance, two 3rd grade students use Prodigy. I will list this as: Grade 3 - Prodigy for 20 minutes daily. Again, email me with any questions. Teachtown units are the main curriculum, students should have received the packets through email, in print at OSE, and through the invite sent from the company. If you have any questions about any of the material or the online learning site, please email me. I have also sent logins for myOn, Prodigy, and school based sites such as Starfall. I will continue to send supplemental material through email as well. 


    4/24 - Please continue to check email for assignments and materials. Those who request printed copies may pick up student packets at the school on Mondays from 7AM until 6PM. Assignments are also available on Google Classroom - Mrs. Denerstein's class. See email for more information. ZOOM meetings continue on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:30 AM and 6:30 PM. 


    5/4 - All materials have been emailed to students. Packets for those who requested are available today (Monday) at the school. Student packets are labelled with the student's name and are taped to the front door. Please continue to take a picture of completed student work or email a short log of student accomplishments by Friday, 5/8. Thank You!

    5/4 - Units of study: Long E vowels with word sorts, trace and write, and levelled reader; "Green" reader and comprehension worksheets; "How Many" Math booklet; "Big" size comparison unit