Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Lori A. Soucey

Hi! My name is Lori A .Soucey and I am a Support Facilitator here at Lake Weir High School.  This year with all the changes in our world, I will also be teaching a Reading Plus class and Leadership class online.  I am excited to be back actually teaching in a classroom setting.  Of course not the traditional classroom but we wil make it work.  


I have my B.A. degree from Kent State University in Ohio and have been teaching at Lake Weir High School for nine years.  I have taught Intensive Math and Leadership prior to this year but my heart lies in Support Facilitatiion.  I love working with children and my bigget joy is watching them succeed. I hope that this year is a very successful year for all my students and please know that I am here for yiou no matter what the problem may be.  I am a great listener and if I don't have an answer, I will find someone who does. Looking forward to meeting you all online and hopefully someday in person.