Agriculture   Update 5/26/2020 - All Grades are due by midnight on Monday, June 1st. No grades for this quarter will be accepted after that. Any and all make up work for this nine weeks may be submitted for full credit until then. Have a great summer.


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     Update 5/26/2020 - 







     IMPORTANT! I cannot respond to messages that you send me through Google Classroom. You need to email me. My email is : christopher.roy@marion.k12.fl.us


    Update 4/27/20

    All missing grades have been given 50%. You may make up any work or redo any assignment for this quarter up to next Wednesday, May 6th. If you are just signing in, don't panic. Here are the Google classroom codes. You need to take the time, read through the updates and instructions you have missed and turn in your assignments properly and in full. My assignments are simple but relevant and should not be incomplete when you turn them in. I DO NOT ACCEPT EMAILED ASSIGNMENTS USE THE GOOGLE FORM PROVIDED IN THE CLASSROOM, IT'S EASIER.

    You must use Google classroom to submit your work.  

    Make sure you sign in to your proper period. Example: If you are in my first-period class, join period 1. 

    Here are the class codes to join my class. Use your full proper name that is in my grade book.  ( Make it easy for your teachers to give you a grade)

    Period 1 - yb7sfwo    <- that is not the number 0 it is the letter o

    Period 2 - ladv2ex

    Period 3 - bkixn36

    Period 4 - yax2ste

    Period 5 - 7z7mq3i

    Period 6 - zs3gqgb  <- That's  Z S 3 G Q G B


     Update: 4/9
    Hello and thank you! Overall everyone seems to be doing well on getting the assignments done and turned in. Marion County requires that I assign 2-3 assignments a week. The current event assignment will be an ongoing option for grade book credit however, I have come to realize that some of you are actually working on farms or growing gardens. Therefore, I am adding an optional weekly SAE or Supervised Agriculture Experience to your assignment expectations that will take place of the current event if you choose to do it. The SAE has to be documented (picture, video, screenshot, etc. of you doing the work, not the end result) to receive credit.

    To get credit for an SAE you must write one paragraph on the activity that you did. Just tell me about it in writing as if we were in class and you were standing next to me talking about it. I will include a simple google form you to use so I can comment back on your work and the grade book in Google will keep track of it.

    Here are some activities and ideas that will count as your weekly grade book credit if you choose to do the SAE for the week.

    Trimming trees or hedges

    Building useable structures
    Submit a garden plan for your yard (use the homework grid guideline.
    Victory garden participation (see flyer, they send you seeds and plans free)
    Training/caring for farm animals such as cows, horses, pigs, lambs or goats. (not pets, dogs
    cats, birds fish turtles, etc.)

    The one thing I'm going to ask that you do not do is put forth the effort to try and get credit for things that are not relevant to agriculture class. So just ask yourself, is this something we would do in an agriculture class in middle or high school

    UPDATE     04/01/2020

         Hello and Welcome to the online Agriculture class. Updates will be on Wednesdays which will include new weekly assignments and activities. I am currently working on a way you will be able to create a garden at home sponsored by the 4H of Marion County. I will have more information as I receive it.

         Every week your graded assignment will be to write and submit an agriculture related current event using the worksheet provided. You must read and follow all directions on the worksheet. It is very simple and straight forward. I have chosen this assignment as a weekly graded lesson to simplify the expectations of you at home as well as keeping your learning relevant and up to date. You must use the format provided or your work will not be counted as a grade. Other assignments will be given in addition to the current event but the current event will always be expected and graded.

    You must use Google classroom to submit your work.  

    Make sure you sign into your proper period. Example: If you are in my first period class, join period 1. 

    Here are the class codes to join my class. Use your full proper name that is in my gradebook.  ( Make it easy for your teachers to give you a grade)

    Period 1 - yb7sfwo    <- that is not the number 0 it is the letter o

    Period 2 - ladv2ex

    Period 3 - bkixn36

    Period 4 - yax2ste

    Period 5 - 7z7mq3i

    Period 6 - zs3gqgb  <- That's  Z S 3 G Q G B




    Agriculture Program Mission:

    The purpose of the Osceola Middle School agriculture program is to provide opportunities and experiences in agriscience that meet the needs of the students through a three circle model of agriculture education which includes Leadership the Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) and horticulture. The SAE is an important aspect of agriculture education and allows students to fully experience and demonstrate mastery of classroom instruction. The program’s goal is to prepare students for careers in agriculture, further education, and entrepreneurship through the use of instruction.


    The Horticulture Park:

    The Horticulture Park or HP is an integral part of the agriscience program. Students will be expected to be ready to work in the HP any day class is held. Please make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather and within the dress code. All days will require closed-toed shoes for participation.  Please bring a water bottle for hydration. Our department now has carbon filtered water  to fill the water bottle for each student. 


    The National FFA Organization is the agricultural leadership organization associated with agriscience classes. Dues will be collected and more information will be available shortly. Participation in the FFA gives you the opportunity to compete in agriculturally-themed contests, become a chapter officer, compete at the SouthEastern Youth Fair, and much more. Please consider joining the FFA. Be on the lookout for more information soon!



    60%: Quiz/Daily Classwork

    40%: Test/Project

    Semester grades will be calculated according to the district breakdown- 40% Quarter 1, 40% Quarter 2, 20% Local End of Course Exam (LEOCE)


    Extra Credit may be offered at the teacher’s discretion.

    Grades will be updated on Skyward as frequently as possible. Parents are strongly encouraged to contact the office in order to sign up for Parent Portal and to check student’s grades at least once a week. Students are expected to track their own grades online and in class, and to bring any issues to Mr. Roy's attention immediately.

    Late Assignments:

    Late assignments will be accepted for full credit until the last Wednesday of the quarter. You may always do the work you've missed and receive full credit for your work until grades are prepared and locked for the quarter. 


    Students should use Skyward, their grade tracking sheet, and their planner to keep track of assignments.




    Please make every effort to be in class and ready to learn each day. If you do miss a day, please make every effort upon your return to get and complete the assignments you've missed. Making up assignments and knowing what assignments you are missing in the gradebook is YOUR responsibility. I make every effort to accomodate accepting your work at any resonable time so please do your part and check the portal and your grades on a regular basis. 


    OSCEOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL Classroom Expectations Matrix

    In addition to the OMS School Wide Expectations, students will adhere to the following expectations in the classroom and landlab.

    Chiefs AIM for Success!


    Classroom & Landlab

    Act Responsibly

    -          Self

    -          Others

    -          Property

    Be on task all class

    Follow directions quickly

    Initiate Respect

    -          Right place

    -          Right time

    -          Right materials

    Care for the classroom, landlab, and materials

    Do not talk when others are talking

    Model Positive Behavior


    Be polite

    No horseplay- be safe!


    Major behavioral issues such as bullying, insubordination, disruption, property damage, and fighting will receive an immediate referral and be sent to the discipline office.


    Minor behavioral issues will be dealt with in class according to the following guidelines.


    1st offense:  Verbal warning.

    2nd offense: Move seat or time out.

    3rd offense: Parent contact and intervention

    4th offense in same 9 weeks: Referral to office.