• The Jrotc program is designed to be a 4 year program. Leadership, Education and Traing Levels 1-4 . Our cadet handbook and Syllbus can also be found on the Senior Army Instructor web site. LTC Lopez Syllbus is identical in nature and the standards are the same for all cadets. If you feel you need any more information please email me, Have a very Blessed day. 


    SFC Rosales


    Update online classes on emodo.com student codes 3/26/20 please log on to your class code

    all let 1 sign in and get course code for your respected class

    1st Period. code #  jk625c

    2 nd Period code #  pnvj2g

    3rd Period code #  49frdk

    4th period code #  6zcj33

    5th Period code #  7623bh






    LET 1 Syllbus 2019-2020