•                                                                                                Culinary Arts I, 2, 3&4

                                                                                                   Lake Weir High School

                                                                                                           2015 – 2016



    Welcome to the Lake Weir culinary arts class. As Culinary arts students, you are choosing a program of study that can lead you to a career in the Hospitality Industry. Our curriculum covers the areas of safety and sanitation, baking and pastry, nutrition and workplace skills for all students and through to International Cuisine. All culinary students in this program will be required to keep a portfolio and a recipe file of foods prepared in class.


    Students will need a three ring binder (2”) to keep class daily work, notes, a disc to due project and homework.


    All students in the course are required to purchase a uniform, which will be worn on Block Day every week and other times specified during the school year. Your uniform will consist of a white polo shirt with a LWHS logo and jeans. This polo shirt and lab fee will cost approximately $20. Wear closed toe, oil resistant, non-skid shoes at all times in the kitchen. Black is preferred. Aprons are provided.. Tie long hair back and secure all ends, and uniforms are to be clean, neat and complete on Block Day.


    The following will be required of all students in this class:

    • ALWAYS dispose of GUM before coming in the classroom
    • Come to class prepared at all times.
    • Store all electronics (IPod, etc.) out of sight
    • Be in a clean and neat uniform on Block Day and at specified times.
    • Pass all tests with a 70% or better.
    • Be here unless ill. (Employers want to see a good attendance record!)
    • Treat yourself and others with respect at all times.
    • Support on-campus and off-campus catering events


      Other important things to know: classroom tables, chairs, textbooks, kitchen appliances and utensils, etc. are treated with respect; graffiti or other vandalism will result in a referral to the office. Each student is allowed three bathroom passes per semester. Cell phones, although allowed on campus, are turned off in the classroom and place in there book bag. (Out of sight or out of mind)


      Tardy Policy - The first three tardiest are call home to parents. After fourth tardiest, you are referred to the attendance office for punishment, starting with lunch suspension and eventually leading to school suspension.


      If you are not here to learn, are disrespectful, or in any way interfere with my job of teaching, or the safety of others, you will be removed from the class permanently. For your safety and the safety of others, it is imperative that you keep your mind on the task. Work on your own assignments, you are expected stay on task.


      When you are working on a group project, or are in the kitchen, work only with the members of your group. If you do not contribute to the group with your share of the work you will receive a “zero” on the assignment. Repeated behavior of this type will result in a failing mark for the term.

                  How you conduct yourself determines how you are treated.

      If behavior problems occur, the most common things I do to solve the problem are, remind you of appropriate behavior, change your assigned seat, and call your parents (in class). Resolution on continual problems has already been addressed.


      Grading and scoring: grading and scoring the performance based task. On a performance task and student basis, the teacher simply uses the measurement descriptions from the rubric to select a ranking for each criteria.


      Grading is broken into the following categories: classroom participation 20%, homework 10%, quizzers 20%, projects or lab performance (portfolio) 20% and tests 30%. Kitchen labs are given on Block Days (Thursday and Friday) and are virtually impossible to make-up if absent (must have an excuse answer) Do not be absent on Block Day!


      All work can be completed in class. Therefore, no credit will be given for assignments turned in late.


      It is important that all students begin to learn about what job skills and attitudes are expected by employers. Therefore, attendance, attitude toward others, and teamwork will be emphasized. It is our hope that you find this class to be a stepping-stone to your future!


      This class has been designed for you to be successful if you take responsibility for your performance. By listening when I’m presenting new information or conducting demonstrations, and actively striving to complete class assignments, you will succeed. You are required to be here every day, work hard, and be organized. If you are absent, it is your job to make up the assignments.


      The single most important thing to remember is that you must be here every day! We will address new skills you will need in the kitchen every week and each week builds upon another.  Your future employers won’t tolerate absenteeism and now is the perfect time to develop good habits. Your recipe card file must be kept neat and up-to-date, you must be organized. You must have your class work with you to finish and turn in on time. If you follow the advice given, you will be successful in Culinary Arts and high school as well. I have high expectations for you; you must have high expectations for yourself.


      The textbook used for this course is Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts Level 1 & 2, ServSafe Manager, Level 3 & Advanced Sciences Level 4.


      Parents: Reading this letter with your child and understanding its importance is probably the single most important step you can take to ensure success. Students who fail this class either did not read this letter, or chose not to believe what I wrote. Progress reports and report cards are the only GUARANTEED communication. I do make as many phone calls as I can. My classroom phone cannot be use for personal call, so please make sure that you fill in a “land line” phone number where I can reach you during school hours. Also, please sign below to indicate you have seen this letter. Thank you!


      Please feel free to contact me at school, (352) 671-4820 ext. 58958 or via email,     Michael.pryor@marion.k12.fl.us



      Chef Pryor (Michael), Culinary Arts Instructor