Culinary Arts Syllabus

  • Culinary Arts 1 is the first of a 2 level program. Food preparation techniques included in this course are fruits and vegetables, potatoes and grains, and stocks, sauce and soups. management skills emphasized are basic customer service, food safety and sanitation, workplace safety and security, culinary foundations, communication and management essential. mastery of the competencies listed in the food safety and sanitation unit will prepare students to take the NRA's SERVESAFE exam to become Servsafe Food Safety Certified. Prostart is a four-year curriculum for 9th and 12th grade students developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. this state-driven and industry-backed curriculum based on the knowledge high school students need to be successful in the restaurant industry. coupled with relevant work-based experiences, this curriculum enriches, enhances, and reinforces what students learn in the classroom and provides students with opportunities to develop and practice important skills related to leadership and responsibility. These skill sets serve as a foundation to professional, trained and educated employees, it is a school-to-career path for high school students interested in the restaurant and foodservice industry.