• Lake Weir High School 2-D Studio Art Drawing 1, 2, 3 (Honors), Port. Dev. 2-D Design (Honors), and IB Visual Arts 2.  These are fine arts derived courses that delve in two dimensional work (drawings, paintings, photography).  The introductory course will work with an intense inquiry into the recording of perceived observations.  The content for level 1 provides students with basic knowledge and skills needed to succeed and advance to higher levels.  The course stresses fundamental practices such as observing and making records with marks, line, and gradation.  Drawing from life will occur during the first quarter; the subjects of practice will be anatomy/portraiture, still-life, landscape, and design.  In depth studies will occur in anatomy, perspective, gradation, design, and art history. 

    Advanced classes are offered to provide the opportunity to bulk up portfolios for future work in higher education, technical studies, or going into business as a fine or commercial artist.  After reviewing items from preceding inquiries, students will direct their studies in form, content, and style to represent specific genres. Detailed studies in style shall be conducted to round out a substantial collection of work.  Advanced students will participate in preparing work for several art contests throughout the year.  Grades will derive from the student's preparation of work for the shows (i.e.-Fine Arts for Ocala, Congressional Art Show, Young in Art through the Appleton Museum, and IB and 2-D Design Portfolios).  Advanced students will be provided opportunities to compete in area and state-wide contests.  All students may prepare work for competition.  

    Grading Criteria- 2-D Studio Art classes are graded on a 50 point rubric consisting of the following criteria: 1-Elements and Pinciples, 2-Originality and Creativity, 3-Effort and Perseverance, 4-Craftsmanship and Skill, and 5-Attitude and Responsibility.  The Categorical Weights deriving student scores are formulated through Class/Daily Assignments and Quizzes (worth 50%) and Tests, Projects, and Presentations (worth 50%).  Art students are to turn in a sketch book with out-of-class-sketches each semester.  The grade could affect the 2nd and 4th nine weeks grade by up to 15%.  Numerical scores on assignments ranging from 0-59 are failing; 60-69 score a D; 70-79 score a C; 80-89 score a B, and 90-100 scores an A.

    If absences cause students to miss assignments, the student is responsible for making up work.  The time the student has to make up the work is synonymous to the excused number of days missed.  If students are suspended, the work may be turned in when he/she returns (15% will be taken from score).

    Tardies are dealt with in the manner set forth by Student Management.  1st offense-verbal warning, 2nd-written warning, 3rd-call home, 4th and beyond-referral.

    Do what's right; do your best, and treat others the way you want to be treated. 

    Students need to bring a pencil and sketch book to class each day.  Other supplies will be provided.

    No cell phones allowed in class.